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Diploma in Professional Studies Award: Winner! Debenhams


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11 February 2015

We are pleased to announce that Debenhams is the winner of the Diploma in Professional Studies category as part of LCF Careers Industry Partner Awards, which celebrates all the amazing work businesses and industry people have done with LCF students.


Debenhams were chosen as the winner due to the brand hiring 5 LCF students for the 2014-2015 placement year, who all have been given fantastic support on the job. Debenhams offer a wide range of training courses as well, with some Fashion Management placement students  having attended more than 6 of these training courses after just 3 months on the job.

There’s also room for growth and networking, students are truly valued and encouraged to show initiative. Furthermore, they are offering even more placements this year, and have added great opportunities to the already interesting list from the previous years.

LCF News caught up with Sharon Webb, Head of Lingerie, Buying & Design at Debenhams to find out what a day-in-the-life in her role is like…

I get up… about 6.45 – although I’m not really a morning person so do hit snooze a few times!! Unless I have a big meeting with external brands or designers I decide on what I’m wearing on the day. I don’t tend to start thinking about work too much until I’m there as this is my time to really come round and start the day peacefully. Saying that I often have some of my best ideas in the shower.

I drive to work, I like to listen to the radio and have a sing along (can’t really do that on the tube!) and normally arrive just before 9am. I always have a coffee to get me started, depending on how busy my day is I have normally prepared everything I will need for the day ahead before I leave the office.

When I first get into work I… say hello to all the teams – but then I am often straight into meetings but if I have time to myself I read all my e-mails and processes anything that needs doing.

Monday mornings are always taken up with the sales figures from the week before, analysing what’s been good or bad and reviewing any actions we need to take

In the morning I have… meetings – This could be with the team reviewing the new ranges, Cad’s and samples etc. Or a range sign off where they present the collection to us, we could be meeting with one of the designers or brands, working on next seasons trends or have marketing or press meetings.

Lunch… is never a set time and I rarely go out, I normally have a working lunch either in a meeting or at my desk.

The afternoon… is an extension of my morning; if I have any time to myself it is normally because I have scheduled this in for preparation for seasonal strategic meetings, competitor shopping or training with stores staff.

I finish my day… with rounding up of emails that have come in during the day and preparing for my meetings the following day. Home time can be anywhere between 5-8pm

My evening… depends on what time I finish, it might be just relaxing in front of the TV or I may go to the gym, meet friends, get my nails done etc.

When I get home… I try not to think about work too much, some days that is easier than others.

The highlight of my day… always revolves around product – the teams know the two things that will make me smile during the day are showing me any new samples that have arrived or bringing me a cup of tea!

My advice is… Work hard, be positive, get as much experience as you can and always focus on the product.

It is important for companies to offer work experience because… everyone deserves a break, getting in and seeing what a role entails gives you a really clear insight into real life and we get to work with some really fresh talents with fantastic new ideas.

The LCF students we have had on placements have… been great, they have got stuck in, seen what it was like to be part of the bigger design team, join meetings with designers etc and see what it really is like to be part of the lingerie division.

At Debenhams placement students can expect to… work closely with the design team, joining the meetings, working on trend, having a go at designing some ranges, or helping with research and really importantly understanding how the design role integrates with the buyers and merchandisers.

Congratulations to Debenhams! We look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future.