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Creative Direction student co-directs ‘I See You’ with Kovert Designs


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02 July 2015

Sophie Ochoa Neven DuMont, a graduating student from BA (Hons) Creative Direction for Fashion  has co-directed a short film with mindful technology brand Kovert Designs which asks the question ‘When was the last time you really looked into a stranger’s eyes?’.

Arising from work Sophie did in her Final Major Project, I See You is an experiment in to human connection. The film saw 10 people stare in to the eyes of strangers for 5 minutes while cameras captured their reactions and emotions.

Both Sophie and Kovert are interested in how technology can be used to enhance lives and I See You formed part of Kovert’s ongoing ‘Presence Experiment’. Kovert’s mission is to encourage people to use time and technolgy wisely, take control of bad digital habits and be conscious about how we interact with one another. I See You has struck a chord with many people and has nearly reached 100,000 views.

LCF News caught up with Sophie to find out about how the collaboration came about.

Sophie: I came up with a field of interest for my Final Major Project and then looked up brands that would work well as a client within that area. I put together a concept and did the research before I contacted Kate from Kovert Designs. When we met to introduce to her the idea of the video she immediately loved it and said: “yes let’s do this!” After that I must say that it was a lovely collaboration with her and the whole team. Everyone was exited about it and because it was sort of an experiment we where very anxious about how the day would turn out: Would the cast be good? Say things that are useful and that will move viewers? etc. It was very important that it would come across as authentic and unstaged as possible and I believed that we as a team achieved that! For me it was a very exiting project – from start to end and still it continues as I am chasing the views on Youtube – and one that I truly feel passionate about!

Kate Unsworth, CEO of Kovert said

Sophie was brilliant, a great talent and great to work with. She really spearheaded the project