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Cordwainers And Media Students Work Together For Joining The Dots Exhibition


Written by
Josh De Souza Crook
Published date
09 December 2016

BA (Hons) Cordwainers Fashion Bags and Accessories: Product Design and Innovation students created one off artefacts and bags which were then styled and photographed by teams of LCF student photographers, stylists, art directors and hair and make-up artists and displayed at Lime Grove for the Joining the Dots exhibition. The students created 17 artefacts and images to accompany each piece.


Joining the dots exhibition at Lime Grove. Image credit: Image credit: Alexander Burgess.

The design students collaborated with MA Fashion Photography, Graduate Diploma Fashion Media Styling; MA Fashion Media Production, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism, BA (Hons) Creative Direction for Fashion, BA (Hons) Fashion Public Relations and Communications, and BA (Hons) Hair & Make Up for Fashion.

We spoke to Justyna Mysior, specialist Styling Technician at London College of Fashion, who was leading the project and exhibition alongside, Lindsey Riley, BA Cordwainers Fashion Bags and Accessories course leader, and LCF’s Gonzalo Salcedo.

Where did the name Joining the dots come from and what inspired the two-day workshops?

The Creative Director of Media and Communication, Nilgin Yusuf, who has also supported this showcase of the students’ work, came up with the title for the exhibition. The name highlights the nature of the workshop, where students from various media and design courses collaborated to create a series of striking fashion images.

As a Fashion Styling Technician here at LCF, I deliver core skill styling sessions. During these sessions, students learn how to plan and organise a fashion photo shoot while also gaining an understanding of what it is like to work for different fashion brands. In designing the collaborative workshop I wanted to give students the opportunity to use and develop their previously learnt skills to gain real fashion industry experience and to create a body of work that would enrich their portfolios.


Joining the dots exhibition at Lime Grove. Image credit: Image credit: Alexander Burgess.

Can you tell us what was produced, and with what materials?

Joining the Dots is a vertical exhibition in which bags and artefacts were created by BA (Hons) Cordwainers Fashion Bags and Accessories: Product Design and Innovation
students and are suspended in the main stairwell at Lime Grove. All the artefacts are framed in laser cut transparent Perspex of various colours. The printed photographs created by the Fashion Media students are hung on the walls around the stairwell.


Joining the dots exhibition at Lime Grove. Image credit: Image credit: Alexander Burgess.

How did the collaboration with design and media students come about?

I was in the process of sourcing clothing and accessories for use during my styling workshops. I contacted various course leaders at LCF and CSM, including Lindsey Riley. She responded very positively to my email and although her students weren’t keen to sell their bags to us, Lindsey and I thought that it could be really interesting for the students to work together on a joint project. This is how our collaboration began.


Joining the dots exhibition at Lime Grove. Image credit: Image credit: Alexander Burgess.

What was the outcome of the collaborative project?

Over the course of two days, students from Fashion Media courses collaborated with BA Cordwainers Fashion Bags and Accessories students in the planning and completion of a fashion photoshoot. The main objective of the two-day workshop was to create professional, visually interesting images of unique student-designed fashion artefacts.

Students worked in 17 small teams, each consisting of the client (designer), styling/art director, photographer and hair and make-up artist. Each team was responsible for coming up with the concept of the photo shoot, for sourcing the clothes and props, designing hair and make-up and for choosing the model. Technical aspects of the shoot such as lighting effects and any post-production, or editing of the images, was also the responsibility of each team.


Joining the dots exhibition at Lime Grove. Image credit: Image credit: Alexander Burgess.

Can you tell us what was the input of all the BA and MA courses into the exhibition?

All of the workshop participants, both BA and MA, were responsible for the selection of the final images for the exhibition and for providing contextual information, such as the inspiration for the photo shoot and the design of the bags and accessories, for the exhibition captions. The MA Fashion Photography students, advised by Gonzalo Salcedo, selected the paper for the prints and prepared the images accordingly. After producing and assessing test prints, the students printed and finished the final photographs and installed them on the walls of the stairwell. The Styling students worked with the Perspex frames and were responsible for hanging the caption plates that display the contexts and team credits for each of the images and artefacts.

What was the purpose of the exhibition?

The exhibition was created not only to present and celebrate the students’ work, but also to promote the process of collaboration to students from different courses and backgrounds across the college. I hope the exhibition will inspire students to work together and encourage them to curate and exhibit their own work at LCF.

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