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Class of 2015: Embroidery on the catwalk

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01 June 2015

It’s nearly here! The #LCFBA15 Catwalk Show takes place Monday 8th June at 7pm GMT.

In the first of our interviews with the catwalk designers we speak to Nathalie Ballout, BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles Embroidery student, whose collection will launch the show.

She describes her work as “exciting, organic, one-off and youthful” and has used upcycling techniques, so what has this emerging designer got in store?

Nathalie Ballout

Nathalie Ballout: BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles: Embroidery

LCF News: Tell us about your final collection…

Nathalie Ballout: My final collection comprises of garment based ‘installations’ that are created instinctively around the human form alongside fully up-cycled denim pieces.

I work solely building around the body without the use of any pattern cutting, making each and every decision naturally as it comes to me. Being able to be free of rules and restrictions is refreshing and exciting and allows me to be extremely creative and form my own rules. All the pieces are made entirely using a number of different hand techniques such as macramé, weaving and wrapping.

LCF News: What was the idea behind the collection?

NB: I wanted to raise awareness of the global issue of energy poverty. At first I wanted to envisage what the world would look like without energy poverty. I then decided to focus on the organic development of my worn installations to represent a decentralised world, free of rule and structure.

LCF News: We hear you took on some exciting work experience as part of your course? Tell us more…

NB: I did my placement term with the lovely Jane Bowler, as well as working seasonally for the British Fashion Council (BFC) in the International PR department. Working in the Jane Bowler studio pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me to work in a more 3D way. The BFC position enlightened me on the ins and outs of London Fashion Week.

LCF News: Finally, what are your plans for the future?

NB: Well, I’m inspired by big thinkers and craftsmanship so I’m hoping to continue to create art for my own brand.

Nathalie Ballout: BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles: Embroidery

Nathalie Ballout: BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles: Embroidery

Follow Nathalie on Twitter and Instagram. Check out her work on Showtime.

Images: Photographer, James Rees; Creative Direction, Rob Phillips; Hair, Ezana Ové; Beauty, Kirsty Gaston.