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Class of 2015: BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Promotion talk vloggers and the future of print

Ellen Lench, BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Promotion – dissertation study time!
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19 May 2015

Charlotte Lee and Ellen Lench are both about to graduate from BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Promotion. Having converted their FdAs into top up years, we caught up with them both now that they will graduate with BA Honours.

Chatting to these two as part of our Class of 2015 blog posts, we learnt about the cutting edge of media and brand research. Their determination to pursue their dream careers and challenge the norm when it comes to fashion marketing is inspiring…

LCF News: Charlotte, we hear that you investigated beauty vloggers as part of your final project. They seem to be a hot topic at the moment – what was it that interested you about them?

Charlotte Lee: I occasionally watch beauty tutorials on YouTube and find them quite therapeutic to listen to. When I found myself buying some make up brushes on recommendation from a vlogger I thought, “Why do I trust them enough to spend some of my student loan?”!

In the end, my dissertation is titled “I would trust them more: The relevance of vloggers in the current beauty market”. It explores the current media interest in beauty vloggers on YouTube, the benefits they offer brands and why they are so popular. I explored how relationships and trust are formed online, what virality means and how this all relates back to branding.

Charlotte Lee,

Charlotte Lee, BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Promotion

As there is not much research into beauty vloggers, one interesting way I developed my research was using a classification system of YouTube comments, which I applied to 450 individual posts. They told me more about this idea of trust.

LCF News: And Ellen, you looked at a different but not unrelated part of the media – print and its relationship to digital publication. What was the idea behind your dissertation?

Ellen Lench: I’m really interested in print and this project has reaffirmed my love for it. I wanted to look at the future of the print magazine industry and to investigate how digital consumption ­‐ such as blogs, social media, and live-­streaming -­ is challenging the print industry, and how publications are adapting to suit.

I focused on the Millennial generation; they’re the primary consumers driving these forms of consumption, but also the demographic these magazines need to target to ensure their longevity in the market. I investigated how magazines can be consistent across multiple platforms, interacting with customers through print, digital and social media to keep them loyal and excited by their offerings.

Ellen Lench, BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Promotion - dissertation study time!

Ellen Lench, BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Promotion – dissertation study time!

LCF News: Whilst at LCF, have you met anyone that has inspired you?

CL: As part of the BA shows last year I presented in a TEDx event. Karen from Styledby, who helps with the TEDx process, taught me a lot about how to present myself and have confidence in what I’m doing.

EL: I went to a talk a few months ago by Lisa Bridgett, who is the Sales and Marketing Director at Net‐a‐Porter. She has had a really interesting career path and really encouraged me to work towards the position I want. It was also so inspiring to see a woman in such a successful position.

LCF News: Looking back on your course, what were the highlights for each of you?

CL: During my first year my team came second in the John Lewis project where we had to pitch a brand to the retailer. The chance to present to high level management from a live brief was both terrifying and exciting!

EL: During our second year, we had to find our own work placement in a company of our choice. I managed to secure a three month internship at Exposure, a PR agency in London. I had a fantastic time there and learnt so much; I helped out at their Press Day, led media appointments with journalists and stylists, and worked alongside some really amazing brands in the showroom.

LCF News: Now that you are about to graduate, what are your ambitions?

CL: I want to be doing something that I love and allows me to be creative. Whatever it is, I intend to dedicate myself to it in order for it to become successful. The course has introduced me to my peers; all of who I’m certain will do great work in the future. Being a part of that group is extremely motivating – motivation that I will use to achieve my plans.

EL: I would love to be working with a magazine in five years time, either within their marketing team, or as a fully-fledged journalist writing about important and exciting issues.

Find Charlotte on LinkedIn and Twitter. Find Ellen on Twitter and Instagram.