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Class of 2014: Jason Traves

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Screen shot 2014-05-03 at 07.03.32

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25 June 2014
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Screengrab from BA (Hons) Fashion Business (Part-Time) student Jason Traves’ ‘I love Festival Tents’ Facebook page

As part of BA14 season the School of Management and Science is hosting a two day summit showcasing work from students across the school.  Jason Traves who studies BA (Hons) Fashion Business: Part-time, one of four part time undergraduate degree courses at LCF, features in the summit.  Here, as part of our Class of 2014 series,  he talks about his LCF experiences and combining part-time study with other commitments.

LCF: What have you enjoyed most about studying at LCF?
Jason Traves: Short answer: Everything, exclamation point!
Long answer: I chose an undergrad qualification because I wanted to immerse myself in the subject and have a diverse experience. It is definitely what I got an enjoyed the most. For example, along with the dedicated course program involving lecturers who are active in the industry as well as opportunities to collaborate with companies, our studies were complemented by further opportunities. These were year-round including seminars on subjects covering the creative, business and history of fashion. Also, workshop days in the art and IT studios, doing anything from life drawing through to using Illustrator. In support were extensive resources including photographic and media studios at Lime Grove, the sewing machines and laser cutter at Curtain Road, as well as the libraries and positively infinite on-line resources. When my mind turned to employment or business development, the Student Enterprise and Employability (SEE) section came in to focus. All of these I benefited from using during my time at LCF.

LCF: Have you won any prizes / undertaken work experience?
JT: Awards: Deutsche Bank Fashion Award 2014: I was runner up for my new product idea and business proposal, which is a new music festival tent concept that blends cutting edge developments in the material sciences (i.e ‘smart’ fibres) with portable smart technology. I am using the experience as further encouragement to develop the business after graduation. Cofrad Mannequin company – 3rd yr group project collaboration: I was the project leader for the winning collaboration with the Parisian mannequin company. We are in negotiations to launch our branding, marketing and installation concept.
LCF studentship award 2014: It was the first year of the award and I was chuffed to win because I was competing with 4th year students right across the program including media and design.
Work experience: I am already running a consultancy in town planning so, finding time to pursue fashion work experience as well as study have been limited. Nevertheless, I assisted with the UK launch of an accessories wholesaler (Jewellery and footwear). My contribution focused on trade show participation where I was involved in all aspects from stand design, construction and visual merchandising through to operation, promotion and selling. Also, shooting the associated product catalogue. Spin-offs from the trade show experience included creative direction and implementation of our participation in an off-calendar catwalk show during LWF 2010. Also, job offers for me with other established wholesalers. Although I didn’t take up any of these job offers, I will benefit from the contacts in the future.

LCF: What inspires you?
JT: Creativity

LCF: What is most important to you about fashion?
JT: The dynamic and transformative potential of fashion and the competitive edge from utilising it.

LCF: How would you sum up your final project?
JT: Ambitious, cutting edge and fun, with an eye on the triple bottom line.

LCF: What are your plans for the future? And how do you feel your course will help you?
JT: I aim to launch my business. Although there is a long way to go, I feel that the knowledge, experience and confidence gained from LCF will stand me in good stead to deliver or at least have a lot of fun trying.

LCF: What advice would you give someone wanting to study for a BA at LCF?
JT: The business course is a great introduction. If you choose the part time program, it’s likely to be because you are juggling other commitments. Please think very carefully how serious you are because this course is tough. Don’t get me wrong, the LCF approach is very supportive, even nurturing, but it is very immersive and competitive (in a polite and fun way of course!) given the talent and aspiration of classmates. However, if you hunger to learn the business of fashion, go for it! LCF and its part-time program are inspirational. You will gain the knowledge, tools and confidence to apply to your area of interest and make your mark.