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Centre for Fashion Curation, UAL launch 'Exhibiting Fashion' platform

Four mannequins with antique dress
  • Written byJ Tilley
  • Published date 01 April 2021
Four mannequins with antique dress
Viktor and Rolf exhibition at National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (2016)

Centre for Fashion Curation at London College of Fashion, UAL are pleased to announce the launch of The ‘Exhibiting Fashion’ platform, which exhibits details of international fashion exhibitions for the purposes of capturing, investigating and reappraising the discipline of fashion exhibition-making. ‘Exhibiting Fashion’ is a work in progress which will be regularly updated and expanded. It is a work of co-creation that welcomes, and depends upon, your contributions of other fashion exhibitions from around the world and also any information that may be missing. ⁠

Featured exhibitions include V&A’s Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, Kensington Palace’s display of Diana: Her Fashion Story and Lou Stoppard’s exploration of The Hoodie..

The platform holds a ‘keyword search’ functionality where users can search for specific year curators, designers, venues, dates and installation imagery, along with the press releases and host venues (mostly museums) own website information. Occasionally inviting an entirely personal creative response to one exhibition. ⁠In collating the list of keywords, used to code different elements of each exhibition in a descriptive manner, CFFC have been aware of a number of things. The meaning of words change. Vocabularies shift and mutate. If you label something, you limit it. Taxonomy and archiving of knowledge is increasingly problematic and therefore CFFC wanted to use words and inspire concepts that were mutable and understandable.

This is an evolving set of keywords and dialogue is important to maintain the rigour and health of the terminology. Experts will regularly review the keywords to refine and improve our offering. We encourage you to contact CFFC if you have any comments, suggestions or ideas that would help to clarify the way we describe or conceptualise things.

To add your your exhibitions to the platform, email Centre for Fashion Curation with a description, a press release if you have one, along with any good quality imagery. The hope is for this site to provide a valuable resource about the history and current developments within this increasingly popular, inclusive and dynamic discipline.

'Exhibiting Fashion' Website Walkthrough