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BSc (Hons) Fashion Management work on industry project with Spitalfields market


Written by
Josh De Souza Crook
Published date
05 August 2016

BSc (Hons) Fashion Management (replacing BA (Hons) Fashion Management) students recently did an industry project with east London’s Spitalfields market. Course leader, James Clark, asked his students to create independent companies or labels to sell goods as, at Spitalfields for their end of year project.


BSc (Hons) Fashion Management collaborate with Spitalfields market for their end of year project.

The group of students designed and produced garments, bags, jewelry and bespoke handmade chokers amongst many other items for the collaboration.

London College of Fashion students took over the busy market’s east-wing on a Thursday and Friday, and were independently driving sales against some of the market’s more established traders.

IMG_3029 copy

A+1, a London-based group created a clothing that focused on slogan t-shirts.

A+1, a London-based group created a clothing brand that focused on slogan t-shirts. The group was made up of Kimbouy Tang, Ka Yan Pearl Li, Clare Leung, Jimmy Cumming and Laura Castelli. A+1 were this year’s highest earners, and the group continued selling stock after the Spitalfields project.

Another one of this year’s top earners were Deserted, a group made up of Rachel Smith, Alice Woolley, Grace Redwood, Nismah Siddique, Anna Javor and Carola Gamarra. The group created bespoke handmade chokers for the Spitalfields pop-up collaboration and sold almost all of their stock.

IMG_3022 copy

Câo were endorsed by Greenpeace for their end of year project at Spitalfields market.

LCF News spoke to Bol5itawhose handcrafted beach bags were a big hit. The group included Roosa Viloma, Mei Busiau, Ioana Tofan, Julia Morgan and Lisette Arnold. Two of the group members, Lisette and Julia, were planning on continuing with the business in the future. We spoke to the group following the Spitalfields collaboration.


Bol5ita produced handcrafted beach bags and pretty much sold out their entire stock.

What did your team create, and what made you want to develop that idea?

Our business was focused on selling beach/shopper bags. The idea behind this project was to create a product that supports sustainability and eco friendly fashion by providing a multipurpose product. The bags can be used as a fashion accessory for everyday use, for holidays, picnics or as a shopping bag. The last use in particular was the main business idea behind our brand. People are able to use the bag for daily shopping instead of buying plastic bags which harm the environment. The bags are artisan, and made in Spain. We handcrafted the design and decorated them in London.


Bol5ita were made up of Roosa Viloma, Mei Busiau, Ioana Tofan, Julia Morgan and Lisette Arnold.

How did you find running a market stall – were you prepared for it? Selling units…

Running the stall was more difficult than expected, especially due to the weather conditions. Selling beach and picnic item when the weather is rainy and cold doesn’t put the customer in the right frame of mind to acquire such summery items. Despite this, we were able to make some sales. Our approach to selling was to always go up to customer and talk to them about Bol5ita, and try to generate sales with energy and positive attitude.

What is your experience of LCF?

I love it! The atmosphere is amazing you get to meet people all over the world and learn about their culture and about what they are studying which to me is fascinating.


Two of the group members, Lisette and Julia, were planning on continuing with the business in the future.

How did you find your first term, and what should you do to enjoy it?

The first year overall was great, a lot of work but you get to learn many different subjects so at the end you do really feel like you are prepared. I enjoyed every single term and at the end everything that you have learnt you are able to put into practice with the last term project. Which in my opinion was really useful since you get a taste for what its like.