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Bespoke Tailoring gathering allows students to give peer to peer advice


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14 November 2014

Last night LCF News visited the BA (Hons) Bespoke Tailoring Gathering event in the canteen at Mare Street. The event itself, which was organised by the Students’ Union, was the perfect chance for students from all years to gather together, share experiences, and get informal critique on their work. Work ranged from sketches to finished garments and really gave first years the chance to see what was to come in the next couple of years.

Course leader, Jacqueline Sealy made a short announcement to start the event, encouraging students to mingle with one another. She suggested first year students check out the work on display to see what will be expected of them in the future, and she asked that students in higher years offer advice, feedback and encouragement.

Second year student Donatela said:

“This is the first event like this that we’ve had and it’s a brilliant way to get to know people and ask questions.”

Every student in attendance was given a jigsaw piece upon arrival which they then had to put together with other students in the room, it was a wonderful ice breaker that really made sure that everyone branched out from their comfort zone. And with the help of the incentive of £20 printing credit and a £15 voucher for the shop, everyone joined in with enthusiasm.

Student reps from the course were available throughout the night to offer advice and guidance. Third year student rep Charlotte Barber said:

“In my first year I actually wish there had been more events like this because it really creates a sense of community within the course. When we found out about this event we really jumped on it because it’s great to meet new people and give advice.”

After a quick lap around the room and a chance to grab a drink, students were asked to gather round for a Q&A session with students currently in their third year. Fabio Trombini, Davina Greening, Jiaming Wu, Samson Keller, David Zhang and Tapiwa Dingwiza answered questions, many of which were looking for words of wisdom on how to survive third year.

Fabio said:

“Put all your energy into your work! Go out into industry and plan ahead, it all helps.”

Samson added:

“Third year is intense and about bettering yourself and finding your identity as a tailor and designer.”

Students were also quick to sing the praises of the course and tell us how they feel they have developed in their time at LCF.

Second year student (and winner of the jigsaw competition) Benjamin Skeates said:

“When I first started I had never touched a sewing machine but now I’m actually really good at it. I’ve learnt how important every stitch is and how precise and accurate you have to be.”

Charlotte added:

“Since I started I feel like I’ve really learnt how to interact with people of different nationalities and backgrounds, it’s great to be in a work environment with such a diverse range of people.”

And one last bit of advice?

“Do as much sewing as you can, don’t procrastinate, stay away from Netflix… and remember the lecturers are babes!”

We think this quote from first year Suyamba Keemaresan sums up this lovely evening.