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BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration alumna Alina Zamanova Fashion covers Ukraine Fashion Week

Written by
Josh De Souza Crook
Published date
26 October 2015

Despite Ukraine being the midst of an economic and social crisis, BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration alumna Alina Zamanova has dropped the turmoil that surrounds the country in order to concentrate on the creative fashion talent and designers emerging from the edge of Eastern Europe. We collaborated with Alina during Ukraine Fashion Week as she sent us her illustrations from the catwalk, we then talked about her SHOWstudio project, time at LCF, and the future of Ukrainian fashion.

Alina Zamanova with two models during Ukraine Fashion Week 2015.

Alina Zamanova (in the middle) with two models during Ukraine Fashion Week 2015.

What did your course mean to you, and why did you choose LCF?

My course means to me everything. I chose it with all my heart and I am very grateful to my tutors for making the course even more meaningful to me. LCF for me was a number one choice always, I just felt that this college would be good for me.

How did your course help you break into the industry?

Working hard during my course and exploring my style with help of my tutors and family helped me to break into industry. During my study I tried to take every opportunity that was on my way, paid, unpaid – it didn’t matter. It was very special for me to study at LCF because there is nothing like what I have experienced in my course, in Ukraine.

Can you tell us a bit about Ukraine fashion week, how does it differ to LFW?

I think Ukrainian fashion has changed a lot since I moved to London 4 years ago. It is growing with more and more amazing and talented designers today. I love what my friends are doing, what they are showing during UFW and in Paris etc. This has been the first time I’ve attended so many of the shows in one season, and I was amazed and impressed by some of the designers.

What are the most interesting parts of the Ukraine fashion scene?

The possibility to show what you do and find creative people to work with and get mixed comments on your work. I can get negative and positive feedback, but any feedback is always great as it is an attention to my work. Also it is intriguing for me to be back to Ukraine and share what I have learned and developed in London.

For example during this season I collaborated with Ukrainian designer Yana Chervinska where I made prints and make up for her collection that was shown on a main catwalk. It was an amazing experience as we got really mixed emotions from people. The collection looked crazy and amazing

How did the SHOWstudio collaboration over the summer come about, and what did you work on?

I was covering London Fashion Week SS16 live stream from the SHOWstudio office in London. I was illustrating a selections of the designers we found interesting during this season. Now you can purchase the original illustrations in their shop online and in the Gallery in London. I found this opportunity when Nick Knight started following me on Instagram. It was such an emotional moment, that I decided to message him directly on Instagram, showing my love of this works. He proposed this project and of course I agreed. It was the most amazing project for me so far, the experience is unforgettable.

What three pieces of advice would you give to students trying to break into the industry?

Draw every day
Make mistakes

What are your plans for the future?

Rock Ukraine and continue working with amazing talented people. In the future I am planning to open my own brand.

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