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BA Fashion Illustration student Xiuching Tsay features at UAL Xhibit

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final one 1

Written by
Josh De Souza Crook
Published date
11 April 2016

University of the Arts London’s annual exhibition, Xhibit, showcases the best emerging creatives from across its six colleges and BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration student Xiuching Tsay is one of 12 students showing her work.

Founded in 1997, Xhibit has grown into an exhibition and professional development medium for the creatives involved. The exhibition reflects a diverse range of creativity at UAL and offers those involved a unique chance for collaboration and development, while having their worked championed to a wider audience.

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BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration student Xiuching Tsay will be showing her work along with 12 over UAL creatives at this year’s Xhibit showcase.

Xhibit is open to all current UAL students and the work is selected by a panel of creative industry professionals. There are no themes or constraints and students studying at any level can apply. This year’s exhibition will take place between 14 April – 3 July at UAL Showroom, and is free and open to the public.

Here Thailand-born illustrator, creative and painter Xiuching Tsay talks us through her work, Lime Grove and what inspires her.

What made you want to study fashion illustration and why LCF?

Drawing and painting has always come naturally to me, but I am also interested in fashion, so I felt fashion illustration would fit my passion. I chose LCF because I studied International Preparation for Fashion as a foundation degree, and I thought LCF was a good college.

Your work will be on show at Xhibit, who refer to the artists as ‘the best emerging creatives’. How does it feel having your shown their and being put in that bracket?

I am very happy and it feels good to participate with other artists from different backgrounds. Also, this opportunity has motivated me to carry on with my project and I feel more confident.

How did Exhibit come about, and what will you be showcasing?

I got an email about Xhibit form UAL’s Student Union. At that time I thought this was a very good concept as it provided an opportunity to both exhibit and learn in workshops. I really wanted to get involved from the start. For this exhibition, I will show a painting and a research book that I made last term for my project, ‘Lolla’. Its about sensory perception of sexual innuendo in fashion advertisement. My work is an imitation of advertisements contexts. The showcase piece was inspired by Marc Jacob’s Perfume advert for ‘Oh, Lola!’, but I portray this in different form, in my own unique style.

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BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration student Xiuching Tsay’s project called Lolla.

How would you describe your illustration style, do you try and send a message?

I can’t actually say that my work is completely illustration as I love to use other mediums too, such as sculpture amongst others. I don’t want to work in the limit of fashion illustration field, instead I want my work to be more experimental or laboratories. I think fashion illustration is not just about drawing or painting model or clothes, I personally think it can be developed into something more fun.

Your a freelance painter, illustrator, graphic designer, photographer and work with moving images. Do you want to be a creative in all fields in the future?

I actually don’t want to stick to just one thing. I want to work on a variety of creative spectrum.


Xiuching Tsay teamed up with Dash Magazine for their ‘Gender / No Gender’ series last year.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? What’s a normal week for you like?

I am from Thailand, I’ve been here for 3 years. I enjoy living in London and traveling around Europe. What I do in a normal week is watch animations, TV series and paint. I am addicted to watching episodes. However, I also like to listening to music and dancing while I paint, it makes me feel very relaxed. I also have a lot more fun with my work when dancing.

Where do you get inspiration from?

Everywhere can inspirational to me. For example, I often get inspiration from walking to the tube station. I think good ideas come naturally, if we always pay attention to our surroundings. Anything in the modern world can be inspiration because my work is a reflection of modern media and human daily experiences.

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BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration student Xiuching Tsay’s project called Lolla.

We’re running a series called Love Lime Grove. What do you like about the college and the area around it?

The thing I like most about Lime Grove is the art shop, I like the way that the woman and staff play techno loudly, I think its very joyful. The location is also great! The good thing for me is the convenience. There are so many good restaurants near by, including many Thai ones. Tesco is only a 2 mins walk away too, which is great.