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ASOS joins LCF Fashion & Business Saturday Club for a special masterclass

ASOS at LCF Saturday Club
ASOS at LCF Saturday Club

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17 April 2019

Saturday is usually a day to catch up with friends, maybe do some shopping or just rest after a hard week at school, but not for our brilliant bunch of students attending the 9-week LCF Outreach Fashion & Business Saturday Club.

The Saturday Club Trust holds a range of clubs at universities, colleges or museums around the country, introducing young people to new subjects. They welcome youngsters from 13 to 16 years old, and their aim is to nurture talent and provide them with opportunities to go on to further education in the creative industries. In 2016, The British Fashion Council joined forces with The Trust to launch a national Fashion and Business Saturday Club, giving young people the chance to study fashion for free.

The LCF Saturday Club explores the wonderful world of fashion business with the chance to meet tutors across different fashion specialisms. This year the students are creating their own accessory brand and 3D printing the prototypes in the LCF digital suite. The work will be part of the Saturday Club Trust exhibition at Somerset House in June.

One of the recent sessions was widely welcomed by the students, when ASOS visited and delivered a masterclass especially for LCF. Marina Crook, Editor of ASOS magazine, arrived with a heavy suitcase of ASOS clothes and accessories alongside 3 of her colleagues, Amanda, Aimee and Harriet. They had bags full of enthusiasm, information and tips.

Students took part in an ASOS quiz and discovered what a day in the life of Amanda is like, who works in ASOS Marketplace with many exciting brands. Amiee and Harriet spoke about they day to day of a Fashion Buying Assistant, and Marina shared some background stories about cover stars on the magazine like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift.

There were loads of questions from the students who really wanted to know what working in a big fashion brand is like and what ASOS looks for in perspective employees.

It was not long until the students got their hands on the ASOS accessories, sunglasses, ski coats, belts, sparkles... There was no hesitation in coming up with some new looks – the ASOS team took note!

Michele Buchanan, Senior Outreach Manager at LCF, thanks ASOS and The British Fashion Council for making this masterclass happen:

It was such an insight for our Saturday Clubbers and our Outreach Ambassadors, many of who see ASOS as one of their dream brands. Watch this space for the final outcomes – Somerset House here we come!

Photos by Daniel Spencer