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Linda Ramsvik

Leather Modelist
London College of Fashion
Person Type
Linda  Ramsvik


Linda studied MA Fashion Artefact, after receiving a scholarship and support from LCF.


Could you introduce yourself and your current role?

My name is Linda Holten Ramsvik I am Swedish, I work at Alfred Dunhill as a leather modelist.

What did you study at LCF?

At LCF I studied a two year foundation degree which I could top up to a BA, however I chose to do an MA in Fashion Artefact instead.

Why did you choose to study at LCF?

As I already was a student at LCF and at the same site as MA Fashion Artefact, I had the opportunity to talk to other students and see their work. It also gave me the opportunity to apply early and therefore also have the fortune to do so with the scholarship, which I knew about because it was specific to the course. I also knew the tutors already, and was familiar with the facilities at Golden Lane too which was great.

How did you go about applying for it – what was the process like?

My tutors from my degree course helped me and gave me recommendations - I found the process ok, everyone was very helpful. I applied for the Lulu Guinness scholarship – at the time it was the 20 year anniversary of her label. It’s fantastic when the industry integrates into education, because students will give back to the industry in the future.

If it wasn't for my scholarship I never would have been able to develop my work as I did, and would never have had such an amazing mentor like Lulu Guinness. My scholarship was such a massive help. When I got the news I was at the airport and after the call, I was so happy and emotional - I never thought it would be me! I remember having my interview with Lulu and we connected straight away.

What advice would you give to a prospective student who wants to apply for a scholarship?

Apply to anything but keep in mind the deadlines for applications! Also remember that scholarships not only give you necessary money but also the confidence to believe that you are good and that someone has acknowledged that, which is wonderful.

Did you find London inspiring?

I absolutely love London - its such an amazing city, inspiring, always something going on.

How did you get to where you are today?

I think I got to where I am today from hard work and despite not taking a straight forward route never stop towards your goal.

What were your biggest challenges along the way?

I think for me the biggest challenge is to believe in myself, that I am good at what I'm doing.

Tell us about an average day at your job?

I start at 7.45. If we are in production, as we are now, I stitch ten Bugatti handles on a sewing machine, sand them and ink them to the right quality. At 11 we have a break, lunch at 13 and finish at 16.30. Friday is a half day.

What’s so fantastic about the work I do now is that I’m actually using all my skills – everything I learned when I was studying at LCF – splitting, hand sewing – everything! I work in production at Alfred Dunhill’s London department which is all bespoke work - because I have the LCF background, I have been able to do this.

What are your ambitions for the future?

My ambition is to continue doing bags to a high quality.

What is your top tip for people who want to get into roles like yours?

My advice to people who want to get into roles like mine, is get as much knowledge as possible and use the facilities as much as possible. Best of luck to all.