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Jessica Saunders

Programme Director, Design courses
London College of Fashion
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Jessica  Saunders


Jessica is Programme Director for the Fashion Programme in the School of Design and Technology.   Her current research is focused on the future sustainability of e-textiles, particularly in relation to waste and how policy, legislation and sustainable frameworks can avoid e-textiles becoming a future planet pollutant.  Jessica has spoken at a number of conferences and sits on the British Standards Committee for Electrotechnical Environment.

Jessica was an international fashion model for 12 years allowing her a unique insight into the workings of the industry from couture to the high street.  Following that becoming a designer specialising in technology with embroidery and print techniques, on pre-used fabrics.  Having worked with start-ups including her own brand, one of the first internet fashion labels, Jessica brings her broad knowledge and design expertise to London College of Fashion. Her work with Isabella Blow provided the opportunity to work on one off projects and experiment with a range of materials.

As Director of Programmes at LCF Jessica has worked across all disciplines (Design, Media and Business) with students from Level 3 to Level 7.  Throughout her academic career Jessica has produced exceptional graduates and progression students, balancing results with sustainable practice and progressive teaching methods, to achieve high standards. Jessica believes in embedding in-depth research into fashion to enable students to produce meaningful work which will influence fashion for good in the future. The programme is acknowledged both nationally and internationally. Jessica is a CMI Chartered Manager and holds a highly commended Green Gown Award for embedding sustainability in the curriculum.


Tell us about your professional experience and background?

I have worked in the fashion industry not only as an international fashion model on the runway and in print. I have sold collections and worked as a designer in my own start-up.

What makes your courses unique?

The Fashion Programme is unique in that we have Menswear, Womenswear and Fashion Jewellery in the programme with MA, BA and PgDIP, which means we can mix academic expertise and encourage students to mix across disciplines. We have a history of collaboration with textiles and are building a strong partnership with the Fashion Business School’s Fashion Management programme.

What, if anything, have you found surprising about teaching on these courses?

The students are inspiring because the level of work is exceptionally high.

The global mix of students is a huge asset as it gives students the opportunity to explore different cultures and network across the world wide fashion community.

What inspires and excites you in terms of your area of practice?

I am very excited about the marrying of technology with traditional techniques and how we can build a sustainable fashion industry for the future.

And briefly, how would you sum up the LCF experience to prospective students?

The experience is exiting, fast moving, individual and challenging; it is rewarding and provides exceptional networking opportunities.