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Meet LCF's SU Representative Ti'Onne Debnam

Headshot of Tionne Debnam
  • Written byLondon College of Fashion
  • Published date 23 August 2022
Headshot of Tionne Debnam
LCF's SU Representative Ti'Onne Debnam

“I want to be a voice for change – ensuring students are attending a university  where they feel heard and a part of a flourishing community. I feel that UAL and  LCF specifically have heavily overpromised and under-delivered, and within this  new role, I want to set a tone and direction for LCF with student voices, ideas,  futures, and wellbeing at the centre.” - Ti’Onne Debnam

LCF are delighted to introduce Ti’Onne Debnam (Tie – On – ee) (Deb – nam) as LCF's new Student Union Representative. Ti'Onne's journey so far has consisted of;

2018 – Started a foundation in International Preparation for Fashion (IPF) at LCF.

2019 – Went on to study BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing at LCF.

2019 – Co-founded the Future Marketers’ Society -  a community for those who love fashion, marketing, and want to experience the intersection between the two!

2020/2021 – Various roles within UAL and LCF.

2022/2023 – Elected by students to take a sabbatical, serving as LCF Officer and Students’ Union board trustee.
Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing student, returning to my third year after serving as an Arts Students’ Union Officer. I have taken on this 1-year post as London College of Fashion Officer from June 2022 – June 2023,  to help continue to develop the student experience.
What are some of the key goals you want to achieve in this role?

This year I aim to increase employability skills and opportunities within the London College of Fashion and UAL while pushing to tackle the mental health crisis among students and university-wide decolonisation. I am looking forward to helping push for change within UAL and to working for and with you all! My vision for this new role:

  • Anti-racism work - this includes working to decolonize fashion education and pushing for mandatory Diversity and Inclusion training for all students and staff.
  • Increase access to employment – Creating better visibility of Graduate Futures and Careers and Employability departments, to find opportunities for more college-wide practical skill workshops for students.
  • Course industry projects - Lobby to push course leaders to make it a priority to create industry collaborations and projects at each course level.
  • Host wellbeing pop-ups surrounding preventative wellness.
  • Create and deliver more social events College and University wide, including more networking events for students.
  • Championing collaboration through UAL’s Portfolio online platform.
  • Work with students to ensure their concerns are not only heard but put into action by the university
What are you working on now?

I'm also aiming to bridge the gap between the theory taught in our course and practical skills for the industry. In the past, we have been able to host industry panel conversations, workshops, collaborations with other societies, and socials. Our ethos is creating more employable students. Here is a list of some of the top events I have hosted:

  • Digital Marketing Panel Discussion – In conversation with L’oreal and expert influencer marketers
  • WTF is Branding panel conversation
  • Pitching Workshop
  • Diversity vs. Inclusion, Building Campaigns that Matter Workshop
  • Vision Board Workshop

Within my time at LCF I have noticed a huge disconnect between our course work and industry, with most courses having little to no industry contact or collaborations. For many students this was one of the main selling points for LCF and it has not been delivered on. within my position as LCF Officer, I will lobby to push for it to be mandatory that course leaders make it a priority to create these industry collaborations at each course level.

Get in contact via;

Instagram  - @lcfofficer.artssu

Email  -