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LCF Executive MBA (Fashion) networking evening

Image of people networking and with matthew drinkwater using virtual reality
Image of people networking and with matthew drinkwater using virtual reality
EMBA Networking Event
Written by
Jesse Tilley
Published date
07 October 2019

On Wednesday 2 October, the Executive MBA network held a event at John Princes Street to celebrate the personal and working relationships between academics, students, alumni, businesses, consultants, emerging entrepreneurs and influencers. The evening consisted of activities, presentations and networking with Matthew Drinkwater of the Fashion Innovation Agency, Jonathan Chippindale of Holition and Jo Beardsworth and Tina Lilienthal of the Human Skills Academy to name a few.

The evening kicked off with Jo and Tina hosting an interactive session of Brain Yoga, which aims to calm, relax and focus the brain on 'being human in a digital world.' Jo explained that the 'Amygdala' is the part of the brain that controls emotion and the typical 'fight or flight' aspect of brain activity. Interestingly, it is proven that a persons IQ actually decreases in a state of stress or panic, so it is important to participate in brain yoga or similar activities to ensure that your brain is functioning rationally during pressured and stressful situations such as meetings, interviews or business pitches.

Shortly after the presentation, guests poured into the RHS centre to be greeted with drinks, canapes and a chance to network and meet new people. Matthew Drinkwater was on hand to demonstrate the immersive experience of fashion through a virtual reality headset.