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Call for contributions: Covid x BLM Index

3 young girls marching with placards
3 young girls marching with placards
"Black Lives Matter march Denver 6.8.2020" by Log Home Finishing licensed under CC0 1.0
Written by
Cat Cooper
Published date
10 August 2020

UAL Decolonising Arts Institute in collaboration with Cultural and Historical Studies at London College of Fashion and Post-Grad Community has compiled an Index of recommended material for use across UAL to support thinking, visualising and enacting resistance in the pandemic – against racism and for social justice.

It contains a wide range of resources and voices that amplify the stories of those disproportionately impacted and affected by Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter, including: articles, books, interviews, journals, open letters, podcasts, social media and websites, talks, zines, film and TV.

UAL staff and students added contributions to the index over 2020 and the first edition was published in January 2021. We now welcome new contributions to update the Index for a second edition.

View or add to the Index

Project aims

  • To foreground the voices and views of those less heard and seen
  • To raise consciousness of current and historical social injustices
  • To share resources that can inform and transform teaching and research practices across UAL

The Decolonising Arts Institute

UAL Decolonising Arts Institute has been in development since 2018. Over the past 2 years, the focus has been on setting up the Institute and developing projects and partnerships. The Institute is conceived as a porous and collaborative practice and research-driven space, with a handful of Research Fellows and Associates focused on artistic, art historical, curatorial, museological and pedagogic practice and research, from postcolonial and decolonial intersectional feminist perspectives. The Institute has been awarded a £3m AHRC grant to transform UK collections using emerging technologies.

Image: "Black Lives Matter march Denver 6.8.2020" by Log Home Finishing licensed under CC0 1.0