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Appealing An Exam Board Decision

You may be able to submit an appeal if you have significant concerns about the way your assessment was conducted, or if you have extenuating circumstances which you were not able to tell us about at the time.

If you think that you have grounds to appeal against an Examination Board's decision please read the following University Appeals Procedures and Guidance Notes, paying particular attention to the Grounds for Review. Appeals which do not meet the grounds will be rejected:

University Appeals Procedures

University Appeals Procedures (Last Updated 2016) (PDF 397KB)

Guidance for students

Appealing an Exam Board Decision Flow Chart (PDF 179KB)
Student Guide to Appealing an Exam Board Decision 2019 (PDF 403KB)

If you require any support or advice on submitting an appeal please contact the Students' Union Advice and Support Service or call them on 020 7514 6270.

How to submit an Appeal

Stage 1 Appeal

In order to submit an appeal you will need to complete the Stage 1 Appeal Form:

Stage 1 Appeal Form 2019 (DOC 33KB)

Please email this form, together with a copy of your results letter from the Exam Board, and any supporting evidence, to

Whilst students can choose to submit a hard copy, the time it takes to send and receive will cause delays in the review process. Students can submit by post to:

The University Appeals Unit, UAL
272 High Holborn
London WC1V 7EY
Tel: 020 7514 6057

All forms must be submitted within 15 working days of the date of the publication of results. You can find this date at the top of the results letter that was sent to you by the College.

Stage 2 Appeal

If your Stage 1 Appeal was investigated but you were not satisfied with the outcome of the College's Exam Board review, you may submit a Stage 2 Appeal. You must complete the Stage 2 Appeal Form:

Stage 2 Appeal Form 2018 (DOC 40KB)

Please email this form to the or by post to:

The University Appeals Unit, UAL
272 High Holborn
London WC1V 7EY
Tel: 020 7514 6057

All Stage 2 Appeals must be submitted within 10 working days of the publication of the outcome of the Stage 1 Appeal.

Further information

Frequently Asked Questions: Appeals