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Dr Mark Ingham

Reader in Critical and Nomadic Pedagogies
London College of Communication
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Mark  Ingham


Dr Mark Ingham is a Reader in Critical and Nomadic Pedagogies and UAL Senior Teaching Scholar in the Design School at London College of Communication.

For the last two years Mark has been an acting Programme Director for Contextual and Theoretical Studies, Spatial Design Communication, Branding Design Innovation and most recently Graphic Design Communication. His pedagogical and creative research are entangled encounters with: images of thought and memory, rhizomatic and meta-cognitive learning theories, fuzzy narratives and virtual and physical liminal teaching spaces.

Mark completed an AHRB funded practice-led PhD at Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2005. He studied BA Sculpture at Chelsea School of Art and Design and then went to the Slade School of Fine Art for his postgraduate studies. He was then awarded the Henry Moore Foundation Fellowship at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts.

He is a visiting lecturer and a PhD Director of Studies and Supervisor at CCW/UAL and at Ravensbourne. He was the Masters Programme Leader in the Architecture, Design and Construction School at the University of Greenwich. He is the External Examiner for the BA Design Cluster and BA Animation at London Metropolitan University, and External Examiner for the Visual Cultures Department at Middlesex University.

Mark has exhibited widely, most recently and installation at Dilston Grove for Cafe Gallery Projects called ‘Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae’. This was funded by an individual grant from the Arts Council of England. He has also exhibited in a group show organised by Curating Video, EPISODE at temporarycontemporary, London, which travelled to Leeds and Miami. His current work, ‘120 Days and Nights of Staggering and Stammering’ continues his interest in the projected image and autobiographical memory.

HIs current art research includes: relationships between autobiographical memory and photography, Deleuzian and Guattarian ideas of ‘becoming rhizomatic’, and the documenting of public sculpture.

His pedagogical research over the past 17 years into the relationships between theory and practice and their roles in art and design disciplines has made me acutely aware of the importance of an holistic approach to art and design education. I have been able to use my knowledge of art and design technical skills, including design and multimedia software, in combination with my practical and theoretical knowledge to give students a full and rounded educational experience. He has an extensive knowledge of art and design practices within historical and contemporary visual and multi-sensory communication cultures and


Critical Pedagogy, Nomadic Pedagogy, Rhizomatic Learning, Assemblages, Installation art, conceptual art, photography, autobiographical memory, fuzzy narratives, sculpture, projected images, Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari.

Grants and awards

(Figures indicate amount awarded to UAL)

  • Arts Council England, Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae Dilston Grove, Southwark, £10,000.00, (2008-2019)
  • UAL Teaching and Learning Exchange, ‘Thinking Design’ - UAL Teaching Scholarship, £5,000.00, (2017-2018)
  • LCC Teaching and Learning Innovation Fund, Agents, Agency, & Agencies in Assembling Liminal Learning Spaces, £10,000.00, (2018-2018)
  • UAL Teaching and Learning Exchange, Learning and Teaching Theory Online (LATTO), £3,000.00, (2016-2018)

Research Outputs



Current research students

  • Sarah Dryden, "A Practice-based Critical Investigation into the United States Frontier Domestic Space and its Mediated Form within Western Film." (Joint supervisor)
  • Elin Karlsson, 'The fabric of the domestic – consuming the condition' (Joint supervisor)
  • Demetra Kolakis, '[un] Folding Fashion Spaces: Mediatization of Fashion Practices, Materiality and Place.' (Joint supervisor)
  • Jon Martin, 'What is ‘creative block’ (: dimensions; properties; forces)' (Joint supervisor)
  • Marcia Michael, (Re)-enacting the maternal body as a site for ancestral memories. How can photography and oral history allow an imaginative re-embodiment of memory to recreate history through, and by, the body of a mother? (Joint supervisor)
  • Claudius Schulze, How can computerized research be utilized to aid the investigation process underpinning a documentary photography project? Documenting the societal changes caused by the economic crisis in Europe.' (Joint supervisor)
  • Miriam Sorrentino, Is it possible to adapt social semiotic practice to communicate audience responses to an ambient work through visual and tactile modes? (Lead supervisor)

Past research students

  • Sara Andersdotter, Choking on the madeleine: encounters and alternative approaches to memory in a contemporary art practice. (Lead supervisor)
  • Angela Hayward, Taxomomies of the affordances of the iPad with a particular focus on those exploited by women artists to devise and create artworks in order to record, document and disseminate artworks.
  • Vasileios Kantas, Ungrouped layers: Unfolding the act of photography (Joint supervisor)


3D design and product design
Animation, interactive, film and sound
Architecture, spatial and interior design
Communication and graphic design
Curation and culture
Fine art