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Dr Edwina Fitzpatrick

Senior Lecturer Research
University of the Arts London
Researcher Research
Edwina  Fitzpatrick


Edwina is a London based artist. She is currently Course Director for the MFA Fine Art Course at Wimbledon College of Arts. She is involved with Creative Transitions, a cross CCW group of artists, researchers and students who aim to develop new models for a sustainable university.

Edwina is a UK-based artist, whose work explores the living environment. Her artwork involves mutability and change.

Her art projects explore what happens when 'grey' and 'green' environments intersect, and how human interactions have and are affecting the nature/culture/ecology of a place. They also reflect upon how climate change may affect this delicate balance. Her art projects are created through research and discourse. They celebrate narratives and conversations, and are often deeply informed by the history of a place. They are inclusive through the involvement of local individuals.

Edwina also collaborates with experts across a range of disciplines. To date these have included horticulturalists, biodiversity experts, engineers, architects, perfumers, foresters, and composers.

Edwina is currently undertaking an AHRC funded collaborative practice based PhD. Studying part time, she is working with Glasgow School of Art and the Forestry Commission at Grizedale in the Lake District, to explore the mutable and transient nature of artwork which is sited in, or references, the green environment. Edwina’s research is driven by practice-based experiments, using the strategy of becoming and being lost herself, in order to explore what may be lost.

As forests are both carbon sinks and carbon stores, part of this research is looking at how anxiety about climate change is influencing both artists’, and their audiences’ engagement with sited work, particularly in a woodland context. Her findings will be contextualised by international research into sited art projects, which reference the green environment.

Research Outputs

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Current research students

  • Nelson Guzman Avellaneda, The Problem of Natural Depletion: Artistic Approaches to Environmental Conflicts in the Capitalocene (Joint supervisor)
  • Mohammad Hossein, Namazi Temporal Artworks in Contemporary Art and their Possibilities. (Lead supervisor)
  • Lucie Winterson, Encounter, Engagement, Utterance - explorations into the continuum between human and nonhuman reality (Lead supervisor)

Past research students

  • Sara Andersdotter, Choking on the madeleine: encounters and alternative approaches to memory in a contemporary art practice. (Lead supervisor)