Susan Trangmar

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Reader in fine art Co-convenor of sensingsite research group

Central Saint Martins


Susan studied BA Hons Sculpture at Saint Martins School of Art (now Central Saint Martins). She was a Rome Scholar at the British School at Rome in 1996 and was shortlisted for the European Photography Prize in 1998. She was appointed AHRB Research Fellow in Creative and Performing Arts in 2000 and has received grants from the Arts Council England, AHRC, British Council, Henry Moore Fellowship and number of commissioning bodies. Her work has been exhibited since the early 1980s both in the UK and internationally including Biennales in France, Israel, Japan, Greece and Estonia.

Susan currently supervises and examines PhD students at UAL, and as co-convenor with Steven Ball of the research group sensingsite at Central Saint Martin organises research events and seminars. Susan also works on the MA Fine Art at CSM, with a focus on special projects and integrating research into the teaching curriculum.

Research interests

Philosophies of the image. Interdisciplinary practices of space and temporality in relation to site, landscape and place. Post-Darwinian nature - culture relationships and the Anthropocene. Practices of everyday life and public space. Material culture. Theories of duration. Intertextuality and poetics of representation.

Research statement

My early training in sculpture and photography has developed into an interdisciplinary practice exploring the production of landscape, place and site through lens based practices, sound and text. I have worked with issues of the practice of space and theories of temporality in contexts of lived places, architectural sites and landscapes both urban and rural to produce mixed media installations and performative events. More recently, alongside lens based and sound works, I have published essays which explore the writing process as both a constitutive part of my research and an element of the practice which asks the question: what makes an 'image' possible?

This question is addressed through an enquiry into the cognitive processes and technologies of art practice as part of an ongoing 'construction site' in which methodologies of practice respond to contexts and audiences.

Recent published texts include: A Forest of Signs, Photography and Culture 2012; A Divided Glance : A Dialogue Between the Photographic Project “A Forest of Signs” and the Figure of the Tree in Virginia Woolfs Writing, The Literary London Journal 2013; Wandering Shards, Journal of Philosophy of Photography 5 (2) 2014; Image as Meeting Place, Journal of Visual Arts Practice 2016; UNFOUND, Diaphane 2017; Passages of Inscription, Photographies 2019 (forthcoming).


Current students and thesis titles

Andrea MuendeleinShifting territories and the place of encounter: representation of the stranger in contemporary photography.

Fagner Bibiano Alves, Out of Sight: Investigating Perverse Desire Through Photographic Practice.

Adriana Cobo Corey, Taste Untold: Constructing Narratives of Taste Through Performance in Architecture.

Completed students and thesis titles

Eva BensassonA Photographic Enquiry into the Politics and Poetics of the Boundary of an Urban Development Site. 2018

Dean Kelland, Flawed Masculinities: Rupturing British TV Sitcom Via a Performance Led Interdisciplinary Arts Practice. 2016

Ellen Roed: Amplification Exposed: Exploring Contemporary Forms of Change Through Dynamic Processes in Video (PhD equivalent Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme.) Bergen National Academy of the Arts Norway. 2012.

Katja Hock, The Body in the Institutionalised Space: An Investigation of the Place of the Individual in the Modern Hospital through a Photographic Practice which refers to German Photographic Discourses. 2005

Project awards, and grants

Rome Scholarship in Fine Art, 1996

Arts Council and Henry Moore Foundation, 1999

AHRB Research Fellow in Fine Art, 2000

Arts Council of England Arts Award, 2002

AHRC grants in the Visual Arts, 2004 (Small grants)

Visiting Fellow at European Centre for Photographic Research, University of South Wales at Newport, 2004-5

Commission Photoworks, 2006

Commission Diaphane, 2015

Selected research outputs