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Application guidance

You’re excited about studying at UAL and now it’s time to apply. Review our quick guide below for more information on the application process, how to prepare your portfolio, advice for writing a personal statement and what to expect after you've applied.

Josephine Haft, our US-based UAL Country Manager is there to support you throughout the application and admissions process. From helping you select the right level of course, explaining differences between the US and UK education systems to reviewing your application documentation and portfolio, Josephine and her team aim to make the application process stress free.

Applying to a course at UAL

Step 1: Explore course options at UAL Colleges

Contact Josephine Haft our US Country Manager for expert advice on UAL course and UAL college selection. Schedule an advisory call to find out more.

Once you know which course or courses you want to apply for, check that you meet the entry requirements on the course webpage and note any deadlines or supplementary requirements of application.

Find out more about entry requirements at UAL and levels of study.

Step 2: Funding options

Think about how you are going to pay for your studies at UAL.

US Federal Loans through FAFSA are available to eligible students. Sallie Mae funds private loans for international study.

UAL offers a limited range of scholarships to postgraduate students.

Merit or need-based scholarships are not offered for pre-degree and undergraduate courses.

Step 3: Join us at an event

We hold regular events to help you find out more about studying at UAL.

Register for any upcoming online events

Step 4: Prepare your application documentation

You'll need to begin gathering or preparing documents for your application once you are ready to apply. Download our checklists and explore additional application resources below.

Step 5: Apply

When you are ready to apply, contact US Country Manager Josephine Haft who will review your application documentation and confirm details of how to submit your application, as well as any application fees.

Check application deadlines below.

Step 6: Application confirmation

Once your application has been submitted successfully, you'll receive an email confirmation, including your UAL Applicant ID. You'll be asked to complete a short immigration history questionnaire in your applicant portal. That will be followed by an email request and deadline to upload your portfolio for review.

Step 7: Interview and admissions decision

You may be invited to a phone or online interview before receiving an admissions decision.

Step 8:  Admissions and Enrolment

Join the UAL offer holder community to receive immigration and visa advice as well as support in preparing for your move to London.

Application Deadlines

Pre-degree (Foundation/International Preparation/International Intro courses): Wednesday 22 February 2023

Undergraduate (BA/BSc degree courses): Wednesday 25 January 2023

Postgraduate (2 deadlines):

  • First round Wednesday 19 December 2022
  • Second round Monday 3 April 2023

Late application

Courses may continue to consider late applications after the deadline if there are places available. However, applicants are advised to apply as early as possible and before the published deadlines to ensure equal consideration.

Check out our application lists

To help you make your application we've created some lists to ensure you're aware of what you'll need to include when submitting your application. You can download one of our helpful lists to help guide you on what you need to prepare for the study level you're applying to.

Illustration of building blueprints in various stages of completion
Blueprint illustration by Savvy Bader

Explore our application guides

After checking what you need to submit as part of your application, you may find that you need to prepare a personal statement or a portfolio, and you may be invited to an interview after submitting your work. To help support you through the application process we've created some guides for each of these elements of a UAL application. We hope these guides will help answer some of the questions you may have.

Two degree show visitors reading a student magazine
Visitors reading a student magazine, Postgraduate Show at Oxo Tower, London College of Fashion, © David Poultney

Portfolio advice videos

When you're preparing your portfolio you'll likely have a lot of questions. What to include? How to present it? What should it look like? To make life easier we've asked UAL staff and students their advice on everything from the type of work to put in your portfolio to tailoring it to specific study levels.

You can watch the first video in our portfolio playlist, 'What is a portfolio', on this page. Head over to our YouTube channel to explore the full series.

Our videos include animations by Rosa Beiroa, graduate of MA Animation at London College of Communication.

What is a portfolio