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p’Ocean: Biodegradable Potato Jewellery

Colourful jewellery made from potatoes
Colourful jewellery made from potatoes
Examples of biodegradable potato jewellery created by CSM student. Jenny Sparks 2020
Written by
Billie Coxhead
Published date
24 February 2020
photograph of display cabinet containing potato jewellery
Exhibition cabinet with examples of biodegradable potato jewellery. CSM Materials Collection. Billie Coxhead 2020

Joarla Caridad (CSM MA Jewellery) describes her project:

‘I focus on creating biodegradable jewellery. The purpose is for it to eventually disappear but to leave a message. I carved the potatoes to make them look like our everyday disposable objects, from bottle caps to micro plastics found in seabirds and on beaches. Using natural dyes like beetroot juice, turmeric, green and blue spirulina and milk creates a diverse range of colours keeping them as natural as possible’.

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Banner image credit: Jenny Sparks 2020

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