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Diamond Nuchjalearn: MA Fine Art: Drawing

Student drawing in the studio
Student drawing in the studio
Photography by Alys Tomlinson
Written by
Latoyah Prempeh
Published date
04 August 2020

Having first studied Architecture in his home country, Diamond decided to pursue a slightly different path with a postgraduate course at UAL. Now based at Camberwell College of Arts, where he studies on the MA Fine Art: Drawing course, Diamond discusses how postgraduate study has enhanced his practice as an artist.

"As an artist I’ve always had the urge to learn more and expand my ideas. To me, postgraduate study was an opportunity to become a better artist, and I soon discovered that the word 'drawing' means so much more than you might think. It's a process of expressing the visuals in my head into the real world, using any media necessary; it could be sculpture, traditional drawing in pencil, or even video.

“Studying at UAL, I'm always reminded that this is just one step to becoming a stronger artist in the real world.”

A highlight of studying at UAL has been the networks I’ve built. Being able to interact with highly experienced tutors is a crucial part of studying an MA. I'm always exchanging ideas and techniques with other students through seminars and meetings, or even just when I’m working in the studio space, improving my thoughts and the way I work.

London is a really big city, with a huge range of galleries, museums and art events that help students learn and improve. There’s inspiration everywhere in London. All I have to do is explore the city, and before long I’m inspired to make more artwork.

Think carefully about what you really want to do and who you really want to be. There are many different courses at UAL that can support you and your goal. You just need to find the right one!”

Diamond Nuchjalearn

MA Fine Art: Drawing

Camberwell College of Arts