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Interview with Fanny Santini & Bronwen Campbell-Golding, founders of Petite Albion

Petite Albion: Fanny Santini & Bronwen Campbell-Golding
Petite Albion: Fanny Santini & Bronwen Campbell-Golding
Petite Albion: Fanny Santini & Bronwen Campbell-Golding: Winners of the Creative Enterprise and Cockpit Arts award 2014/2015
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27 January 2015

Fanny and Bronwen are the creators of the luxury childrenswear label Petite Albion. The design duo who graduated in 2014, met whilst studying MA Textile Design at Chelsea College of Arts when, alongside their studies, they began developing their ethical childrenswear label: “Petite Albion was conceived as part of our MA work, alongside our individual final projects. This allowed us the opportunity to research and develop the brand within a creative environment.”

The label specialises in hand crafted items for children aged from 3 months to 6 years,  based on simple shapes and a neutral palette with a touch of colour. The design duo are very passionate about making their products in the UK and in 2014 they won a Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Creative Enterprise award in recognition of their work.

© Petite Albion

© Petite Albion

Set up as a social enterprise that aimed to enable and empower marginalised women within the UK, Petite Albion demonstrates the role textile design can play in creating social change.

“The idea for the project came from our concern about the high number of unemployed people here in the UK, with many young and vulnerable women marginalised from the world of work. Our goal is to create a project here in the UK, in our community, that addresses that.”

As well as winning the Creative Enterprise awards in 2014, that same year the company became the winner of the prestigious Chelsea@Cockpit Award.  This has enabled Fanny and Bronwen to take a funded one year residence at Cockpit Arts studio in Deptford, London and has provided them with business mentorship with the aim of helping them to grow their business, increase their profitability and develop their profile.

© Petite Albion

© Petite Albion

As part of their ongoing work, Fanny and Bronwen hold workshops to teach women hand knitting skills. For the women participating they aim to create “an environment that provides a community that will become a support network for those engaging in the project. Petite Albion aims to create a stronger community by encouraging women not to just knit, but to talk, and exchange ideas, experiences and skills.”

When asked where they hope their degree will have led them in 10 years’ time, Fanny and Bronwen replied: “We hope our brand will have grown into a successful and independent label. As it’s a social enterprise, working to teach women skills and build confidence through craft, our hope is that we would have made a real difference in these people’s lives.”

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