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Summer Study Abroad - Interior Spatial Design

Students sitting at desks in a classroom

This study abroad course will give you the opportunity to explore the creative possibilities explored on the BA Interior and Spatial Design (BAISD) degree programme at Chelsea College of Arts, UAL. The course differs distinctly from the majority of interior design courses available in the UK in that it approaches interiors from a position of research, exploration and experimentation.

You will be guided through the stages and conventions of a typical BAISD project to design an augmented retail interior installation in relation to research, which will question the ways in which a canteen works and is used as a retail environment and propose a new method in which that might happen. During this process you will learn by going through the following steps:

  • Sketch a site freehand;
  • Measure and survey a site to scale;
  • Draw a site in 2D by hand to scale;
  • Draw a site in 3D by hand to scale;
  • Model a site physically to scale;
  • Draw a site in 2D digitally to scale;
  • Model a site in 3D digitally to scale;
  • Develop a concept in response to a research process;
  • Develop a generation of initial ideas in response to a concept;
  • Propose a final idea in response to a generation of initial ideas;
  • Present the final proposal visually and verbally using the methods learnt in stages 1-8.

You will be guided through each of the stages of a typical BAISD project in a series of group exercises where you will receive support from your peers during group work as well as through an induction to the studio tutorial and review system in which you will receive clear, constructive feedback from your course tutor.

The course will be delivered in a series of enthusing and supportive workshops, lectures, seminars and site visits to locations of interest where you will be positively encouraged to engage with the process and ask questions. The sessions will also provide you with an opportunity to ask a range of questions that you may have pertaining to your future career as an interior and spatial designer, an interior designer or an architect and how to chart unknown territories. We look forward to working with you!

Course Software

  • Adobe CC Photoshop
  • Adobe CC Illustrator
  • Adobe CC InDesign
  • Internet Explorer, Safari

Darren Farrell

Darren Farrell is a designer, researcher and currently a PhD candidate in the School of Architecture at the Royal College of Art. Trained in architecture, interiors and graphics at the Royal College of Art, Ravensbourne and Central Saint Martins respectively and has taught in a number of other design schools including the Bartlett MA Architecture, Ravensbourne BA Architecture + IDEAs, as well as the London College of Communication BA Interior Design.

Having worked for a number of architecture and interior practices including Volume 3 Architects, Desitecture, Paul Daly Design Studio and Building Doctors; he is currently developing research interests that focus on the investigation of synaesthetic qualities of the built environment. As part of the BA ISD team Darren coordinates the Design Practice series of construction, technology and detail site visits with stage 2 and assists in the delivery of the dissertation and precedent report, elements of the stage 3 History and Theory unit in addition to his DRS leadership.

Please bring the following items with you to the course

  • Sketchbook
  • 0.5 fineliner
  • Biro
  • USB memory stick
  • Calculator
  • Tape measure (metal)
  • Set square (adjustable is preferable)
  • Metal ruler
  • Scale ruler
  • Compass
  • Erasers
  • 2H pencil
  • Sketching pens
  • Masking tape
  • Lightweight white card (0.5mm approximately)
  • Grey card (1mm approximately)
  • UHU glue
  • Pritt Stick (any brand will be ok)
  • Smartphone or at least a 5mp camera (+ the necessary leads to upload images from your device to a PC/Mac)

Who should attend?

Summer Study Abroad programmes offer the opportunity to build on your knowledge of an existing subject, or to study something new. This course is based on a selected project from the year one undergraduate curriculum, and is delivered by a specialist course team. The course is suitable for those with some prior experience of interior design.

Summer Study Abroad programmes are ideal for current undergraduates wishing to continue their studies into the summer, or those who want a different study abroad experience – it’s a great way to get a taste of study at Chelsea, and life in London.

Entry requirements

Summer Study Abroad programmes are open to students of all levels. Applications are made by online application form.