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Camberwell technician Taslim Martin to judge Channel 4's Greatest Snowman

A group of 9 people dressed in warm snowsuits standing in a line in a snowy landscape.
  • Written bySarah McLean
  • Published date16 December 2021
A group of 9 people dressed in warm snowsuits standing in a line in a snowy landscape.
From left to right, Taslim Martin, Emili and Sara Steele, Dani Dyer. Liam Charles, Sue Perkins, Cherry Healey, Johnny Vegas and Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen.
| Photograph: Channel 4

Camberwell's Special Ceramics Technician and sculptor Taslim Martin has been busy this month filming in the Alps for an exciting new one-off show for Channel 4 to be shown on Christmas Eve.

The Greatest Snowman invites 5 celebrities to take part in an epic snow building competition - judged by Taslim and sisters Emili and Sara Steele.

The celebrity contestants include Camberwell alumnus Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen alongside Dani Dyer, Liam Charles, Cherry Healey and Johnny Vegas and the show will be presented by Sue Perkins.

C4 has said: "Judged by experts, all will risk chilblains as they attempt to carve and construct incredible structures made from snow and ice. The competition will culminate in the ultimate snowy challenge where the famous faces will use all they have learned in each round to attempt to construct The Greatest Snowman!"

The Greatest Snowman airs on Christmas Eve Friday 24 Dec at 8pm on Channel 4. The show will then become available after its Channel 4 release date on C4's streaming service All4.

A man in a blue wooly hat and a purple warm jacket stands smiling at the camera in a snowy, mountainous landscape.
Taslim Martin on location in the Alps in November.
| Photograph: Channel 4