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English Plus - Year-Round Courses

Combine your English language classes with a practical art and design, communication or fashion course at one of UAL's Colleges.

You can book onto our year-round English Plus courses and choose to spend between 4 and 24 weeks studying English and the arts subject of your choice in London.

We are updating our English Plus courses to make them even better. This means that some of the course content may change in 2019. If you have already booked an English Plus course for 2019, we will contact you in summer 2018 with details of the new programme.

English Plus Communication

A mix of communications subjects such as advertising, social media, photography, film-making, animation and graphic design, which you can take alongside your English course.

English Plus Art and Design

Combine General or Academic English with different projects in drawing, painting and design, including illustration, life painting, portrait painting and architectural design.

English Plus Fashion

Try different fashion topics along with your English course, from fashion design, business, PR and marketing to styling and making.