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The Studio: Jacqui Ennis-Cole, MA Drawing

MA Drawing Jacqui Ennis-Cole 17 2
MA Drawing Jacqui Ennis-Cole 17 2

Written by
Sophie Kassay
Published date
31 August 2017

Jacqui Ennis-Cole is one of our talented graduating MA Drawing students who will be exhibiting her work at the MA Summer Show this year.

We spoke to Jacqui about what she will be exhibiting at the Summer Show, her artistic practice she describes as “drawing with a camera” and what she has enjoyed most about studying at Wimbledon.

What have you enjoyed most about studying the MA Drawing?

I’ve really enjoyed the process of non-directive learning, which I think is vital to the creation of a practice that is enduring and holds sustenance.

What made you decide to do the MA Drawing at Wimbledon?

I opted for the more intimate environment that Wimbledon is able to extend to their students. I need reflective space and technical support to grow, develop and engage with authentic practice.

How would you describe your practice?

I draw with a camera. The camera assists with the process of making sketches and is a more complex machine than say, a pencil. The camera as a machine does not function on its own even when in automatic mode. The one directing the camera is engaged with image-making processes that involve complex and/or simple choices.

How do you think your practice has changed and developed over the course of the MA Drawing?

I feel that by following through with the many opportunities that have arisen over the two years has accelerated and given rise to the motivational spirit within the day to day that is my art practice.

What have you found the most challenging part of the course?

I was fostered when I was two and in recent years have been diagnosed with dyspraxia. I find the idea of writing in a diary or drawing in a sketchbook challenging. I found that the connections and generation of ideas that these spatial containers were supposed to hold happened in more effective ways when I sketch with a camera and enter into relationships with found objects.

I now tell the stories through installations rather than through a sketchbook or diary. Or put another way, the installation space is the place where I inscribe, try things out, make, record and document processes.

What are you planning to exhibit at the Summer Show?

I would like to share some reflections through the medium of sculpture and photography. I experience the creation process as meditation.

What are your plans for after you graduate?

I would love to keep on learning and communicating through photo sketches, sculptural objects and engage in dialogues through installations.


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