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Close-up photograph of a screen showing a yellow and pink video of a woman in blue and red face make-up, wearing a yellow wig, is viewed through a curtain of iridescent green plastic streamers.

In pictures: Undergraduate and MFA Summer Show 2019

Written by Sarah McLean
Published date 25 July 2019

Our Undergraduate and MFA Fine Art Summer Show last month showcased the innovation and skill of our graduating students. The shows are a celebration of students' hard work and an opportunity for friends, family and the public to explore their creativity, expertise and passion.

They also marked the end of an exciting year for Wimbledon which has seen course collaborations with institutions including the National Gallery, the National Theatre and the Lyric Theatre, recognition for students and staff in national awards including The Golden Shears, the Jerwood/Film and Video Umbrella prize and The Woon Prize 2019 and brilliant results for our performance design and technologies courses in the National Student Survey.

To get a taste of the installations, performances and work at the Summer Show, take a look below at some pictures from the exhibitions and the private view.

Our next Summer Show opens in September: join us for the MA Summer Show private view on Thursday 5 September 2019, 6-9pm.

A woman dressed in black holds a microphone with her right hand outstretch kneels in front of a large screen showing a blurred projection of white light.
Performance at the Undergraduate Summer Show 2019 private view by Flor Palma, BA Print and Time-Based Media. - Credit: Photographer: Jonny Back
Two women stand in front of paintings. The woman on the left wears a blue and white striped jacket and black trousers. The woman on the right is in a peach, floor-length dress and holds a bunch of flowers. There are five paintings behind them: three are on a white wall and the wall behind the middle two has been painted a terracotta colour. On the floor in front of these is a bronze sculpture of a face and two dried reeds.
Tobi Alexandra Falade (r), BA Fine Art: Painting, meets Mayor of Merton Councillor Janice Howard (l) in front of her work at the Summer Show private view 2019. - Credit: Photographer: Jonny Back
A recreation of a 1980s bathroom suite in which a realistic model of a young man stands at the sink shaving his head. The model is topless and wearing bleached denim jeans with red braces. In the foreground stands the student who made this scene - Jack Allen. He is smiling and wearing black trousers and an orange and black striped shirt open over a white vest.
Jack Allen, BA Technical Arts and Special Effects with his work in the Summer Show 2019. - Credit: Photographer: Jonny Back
A shot from above a large room with multiple costumes displayed on mannequins.
Work by BA Costume Design and BA Costume Interpretation students on display at the Undergraduate Summer Show 2019. - Credit: Photographer: Jonny Back
Close up photo of a set model box. The scene is a narrow street between bildings on which a figure in sunglasses is walking with his arms outstretched. The buildings have neon signs mounted high on the walls, which feature Japanese characters and a tiger. The scene is lit with low, red light. Though a gap in one of the buildings on the right a brighter light is visible.
Detail of work by Izabela Nguyen, BA Set Design for Screen. - Credit: Photographer: Jonny Back
Photograph of the top half of a mannequin dressed in a light blue suit jacket with a large 1970s style tie in gold with a white and red diagonal stripe. The head of the mannequin wears a red wing cut in the 'mullet' style.
David Bowie-inspired costume by Liv Burnage, BA Costume Design. - Credit: Photographer: Jonny Back
A person in a red jacket wears a virtual reality headset and holds a controller. They are looking upwards with their hands held up as if they are exploring a space that we can't see.
A visitor uses a virtual reality headset to explore work by BA Theatre Design at the Undergraduate Summer Show 2019 private view. - Credit: Photographer: Jonny Back
Detail shot of a set model showing dark grey card with holes cut in it in the style of tree roots. In the middle of the image is an illustration of a small girl in a white dress, blue socks and brown shoes. She has a grumpy expression and is clutching a doll in her crossed arms.
Detail of work by Yaian Xu, BA Theatre Design. - Credit: Photographer: Jonny Back
A large room with artwork installed throughout. In the foreground, a large pile of charred wood from which some bare branches protrude. To the right, a long strip of red carpet runs to the back of the room. On the far right wall a green painting hangs.
MFA Fine Art exhibition at the Summer Show 2019. - Credit: Photographer: Jonny Back
A realistic almost life-sized model of a male orangutan sits on a brown plinth against a blue and green rainforest backdrop.
Work by Hannah Napier, BA Technical Arts and Special Effects. - Credit: Photographer: Jonny Back
Close up photo of a model showing a man leaning with his left elbow on a car which is being repainted and is partically covered in newspapers. To the left of this is a red workstation on wheels, and beside that a small brick house with a white front door. On the far left of the image in the foreground and out of focus is a green wheelie bin.
Detail of work by Taylor Headley, BA Technical Arts and Special Effects. - Credit: Photographer: Jonny Back
A large white room with a grey floor in which various works of sculpture are installed. To the left, a door in the style of the old British telephone boxes opens into another room. The outlines of tree trunks are cut from polystyrene. In the centre at the top of the image is a very large white inflatable sphere. Below this, a collection of found materials including wood and rolled up carpet are stacked in a pile.
BA Fine Art: Sculpture work at the Undergraduate Summer Show 2019. - Credit: Photographer: Jonny Back
Close up photo of a set model showing six small hills dotted with trees. Two miniature people in Germanic traditional dress stand on the hill In the centre. At the back is a large representation of the sun from which an electric light illuminates the scene.
Work by A Stareva, BA Theatre Design. - Credit: Photographer: Jonny Back
A cardboard cutout of a man dressed all in black with a grey had and short black dreadlocks holding up his phone as though to take a landscape photo. Visible in the background in a sign in green which says in large letters 'this is Wimbledon'.
Work by M Gonzalez, BA Print and Time-Based Media. - Credit: Photographer: Jonny Back

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