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BA Theatre Design collaborate with Middlesex University Dance students in The Cycles


Written by
Frances Bailey
Published date
12 December 2017

Last week saw BA Theatre Design students realised their recent collaborative project with BA Dance Performance students from Middlesex University in a series of performances titled The Cycles.

Hezou 341249 “Does dance depend? Or is it independent?” (Cage, 1963). Choreographed by Alicia Muscella, Bella Watts, Harry Fulleylove. Designed by Meitan Chen. Composed by Sukanyan Sunthareswaran. Performed by Hannah Wright

Our Theatre Design students have been working hard over the autumn term to produce sets in response to, and for the dance performances of Middlesex students. The Cycles saw 10 transient dance performances staged back to back, bringing our onsite theatre to life in an etherial climax to mark the end of a busy term here at Wimbledon.

A journey of mutation through the Three Bodies, choreography by Georgia Williams & Anna Brereton. Designed by Kinga Oktabska. Performed by Orlando Watts, Dan Thatcher & Bella Watts

Each performance was enacted within its own unique set; often incorporated into the choreography itself creating a dynamic coalescence of dance and design.

Abstract, choreographed by Freya Macdonald, Chelsea Spalding, James Mitchell, Designed by Young-Hyun Lee, Performed by Lizzi Ann Tyzack and Liana Vincent-Evans

The Cycles is one of four dance collaborations from BA Theatre Design students this year; 3rd year students are currently collaborating with choreographers from London Contemporary Dance School culminating in a performance at The Place, London on 13 & 14 December 2017, tickets available here.

Students are also working with directors and performers from East 15 Acting School, and directors from The Lyric, Hammersmith with performances for the New Directions Festival in the Wimbledon College of Arts theatre on 16 & 17 February 2018.

Featured image credit: As We Are Now, performed and choreographed by Amanda Pefkou and Leila Jassal. Designed by Da In Park