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Life At Chelsea: Xunhang Zou – MA Fine Art


Written by
Gavin Freeborn
Published date
19 September 2018

As part of our ongoing Life At Chelsea series focusing on students in our MA Summer Show, we caught up with Xunhang Zou on MA Fine Art, to find out how their experience of Chelsea and London has been, how their practice has developed and what’s next for them after Chelsea.

Figure all in white, wearing a white mask with their hands paled against the wall.

“Chelsea’s MA Fine Art course and preparation of our MA Summer Show provided me with sufficient nourishment of knowledge, constantly stimulating my passion for the exploration of my practice, consistently stimulating my creativity, pushing me forward.

A figure all in white with their face covered standing above two figures wearing black.

“My work for the MA Summer Show encompasses multi-media and animation, combined with my performance. Influences for my work come from combining something unfamiliar with the familiar, from which I often find something new, in a similar way to when someone introduces a new friend to an old friend, a new chemical reaction occurs, which is interesting.

Figure all in white wearing a white mask covering their eyes with their hands.

“The facilities in the Chelsea 3D workshops brought me more creative possibilities, which inspire new ideas. My tutors pushed me to learn more that I had ever tried before. I found MA Fine Art staff Patricia Ellis and Brian Chalkley inspiring. As an artist, you not only need to learn the art theory or technique but have to a deeply understand what you have yet to learn, and I got this guidance from Patti and Brian.

Figure all in white with their face covered and abstract shadows projected onto them.

“I really enjoyed the freedom of MA Fine Art and would advise potential future students to stick to what you want to do and what you believe. I worked with some of my fellow students at the London College of Fashion on some interesting projects, and I was excited to learn in a new way. It was a very rewarding experience. After Chelsea I am considering doing some more cooperative projects. 

“The art scene in London also reveals lots of possibilities in mixing the classic and contemporary, diversified communication and creation, the source of inspiration for my creativity.

Figure all in white with their face covered walking around a white room.

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Figure all in white with their face covered laying on the floor.