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Taste and the Street

Japanese streetwear.

Taste after Bourdieu in Asia.

Chair: Dr Stephen Wilson

Taste After Bourdieu in Asia places an emphasis on questions of taste that lie outside of Western heritage, which challenge Bourdieu’s account of the relationship of aesthetic judgement and social distinction. The panel consists of four renowned speakers, each of whom addresses their area of specialism within Asia and Japan.

Professor Toshio Watanabe revisits the historic event of 1901 entitled the ‘knickers incident’ - a scandalous misunderstanding involving the public reception of nudity, painting, censorship and modernity.

Professor Yuko Hasegawa charts various analytical treatments on ‘Grotesque Depictictions of Woman in Japanese Contemporary Art: Focusing on works by Araki, Matsui and Aida’.

Dr Sharon Kinsella presents a paper based on her extensive research in contemporary Japanese comics, street fashion, news and journalism including her recent book Schoolgirls, Money and Rebellion in Japan published in 2013.

Dr Katie Hill responds and convenes a panel discussion.