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Fine art

Where better than Chelsea College of Arts to explore fine art? Whether You’re new to art or finessing your own style, our extensive range of short courses will teach you the skills and knowledge essential to your chosen medium. Combine theory and technique, and you’ll be laying the foundations for a lifelong dialogue with art and your own visual expression.

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“Great introduction course. Varied content which moved through various different techniques” – Ann, Chelsea Drawing and Painting, 2018

“The whole course was interesting and we learned a lot” – Zakeya, Collage to Canvas, 2018

“[The tutor was] excellent. We achieved great stuff – Very nice group of students as well” – Emilie, Abstract Painting, 2019

“Excellent tutor and a fun and really informative course. I learnt a lot!”  – Kerry, Oil Painting Level 1, 2018

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Painting by Enver Gursev

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