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Xiaoxi Kang, MA Illustration Student wins International Art Competition “Show Your World”

‘Big Idea’ – Isabel + Helen
Written by
Jane Cuppage
Published date
30 October 2015

MA Illustration student Xiaoxi Kang has been announced the winner of the International Art Competition, “Show Your World”. Artists from 43 countries in various mediums submitted their work in June reflecting and depicting the world and life through the prism of an artist’s eye and vision.

"Show Your World" winner Xiaoxi Kang's piece 'Imperfect Roles'

Winning piece ‘Imperfect Roles’ by Xiaoxi Kang

Xiaoxi and 20 other finalists will have their work exhibited in New York at the Gallery MC from 15 -17 January 2016. The exhibition is not a conventional art exhibit; the aim is it to be an international social event inviting guests to participate in artist talks, workshops, all while enjoying art work from around the globe. The art competition was evaluated by a jury made up of gallery members, curators, exhibiting artists and art business professionals.

Xiaoxi’s art is about the existence and “life” of the objects which are viewed by Xiaoxi Kang as independent creatures inhabiting our world(s). She explains about her piece: ‘Inspired by the most controversial concept, “things in themselves” in Kant’s philosophy, I want to discuss the relationship between me and the object I am obsessed with through this work. Breton once claimed that, “nothing of what surrounds us is object, everything is subject.” But for me, both – the object and the subject – are insecure in their identity, and there is a constant exchange between them. Facing the crossroads in my life, I take myself as an example by visualising the struggles I have and the roles I play in the society. By breaking different characters and elements into pieces and reconstructing them I intend to convey that the true complement of life is unachievable. It is the acceptance of myself being an imperfect person that matters. So it is also a record of this specific point of life from a very personal view.’

More about “Show Your World” art competition and the finalists can be found on the re:artiste website,

Visit Xiaoxi’s website to view more of her work,