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The visual language of verses: Ewelina Skowronska – MA Illustration

ewelina skowronska_all
ewelina skowronska_all

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10 July 2015

MA Visual Arts: Illustration student Ewelina Skowronska biggest dream is to open her own screen printing studio and combine working for private clients and commissions together with teaching. Next week, she will be taking one step closer towards this dream when she graduates from her postgraduate degree. Here Ewelina talks to us about the work she will be showcasing in the MA Visual Arts Degree Show and her experience at Camberwell.

The MA Visual Arts Degree Show is open at Camberwell from Thursday 16 – Wednesday 22 July 2015. 

What work can visitors expect to see from you at the Degree Show?

Recently, even though I am not a religious person, I’ve become interested in the interpretation of verses from the Bible and have been translating them into my own visual language and adding comment. I was surprised by how much the Bible can teach us and how some of its text feels timeless. I focused on part 3 from the Koheleth book which explains that in life there is season for everything, time for being sad and time for being happy, time for being born and time to die. My work contains 8 pieces, each representing one of the verses, when placed together they create one larger piece.

The process of printing was quite challenging and time consuming as my work is made up of many layers, textures, and different smaller elements. Even though I plan my work I always leave room for spontaneity and decision making that can apply only during printing. I like this uncertainty and constant problem solving as well as a physical aspect of screen printing. My final work has been screen printed in the our amazing printmaking studio with great support from the technicians.

Ewelina Skowronska at Camberwell printing studios

Ewelina at Camberwell printmaking studios

This photograph is of myself and Tony, a technician from the printmaking studio. It was super late, the studio was already closed but we were still battling with this huge screen. I love Tony’s facial expression…. no more comment is needed – ART is HARD

Can you recommend any other work visitors should see at the MA Degree Show?  

This is one of Christine Harrison’s etchings. I admire her drawing skills, eye for detail and patience of course – patience is something I don’t have. She creates amazing micro worlds that leave so much space for imagination, playing and fun. The work is simply beautiful.

christine Charrison

Etching by Christine Harrison

How have preparations been going for for the show ?  

I think that for every artist an exhibition is a great opportunity to put into practice all the ideas and visions that you have in your head. It is also a great opportunity to work with other people in order to create something amazing. So far preparations are going well, there is a lot to do and a lot to think of. I am really looking forward to the Private View on Thursday 16 July , I can’t wait to see the work of my friends on display and  to share a glass of wine with them and the audience.

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