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Q&A : Aidan Saunders (Print Wagon), FdA / BA Illustration Graduate

Photograph – Aidan Saunders demonstrating  printmaking with a group
Photograph – Aidan Saunders demonstrating  printmaking with a group
Aidan on tour with the Print Wagon
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10 February 2015

We caught up with Aidan Saunders (Print Wagon) who took his passion for printmaking on the road after graduating in 2014.

Touring the UK in his Print Wagon Aidan creates distinctive Linocuts using a portable set-up in towns and at events across the country.

Here Aidan tells us about his current practice, his time on the FdA Illustration course and his experience bridging* onto the third year of BA Illustration.

(*Students holding an FdA may be considered for the third year bridging unit, which enables them to apply to the final year of the Camberwell BA Illustration course.)

How has life been since graduating last summer?

It has been busy! I have exhibited at The Affordable Art Fair, The London Illustration Fair (twice) and have just started travelling around universities and schools running Print Workshops and giving lectures.


Are you still taking your Print Wagon around Britain? How has it been?

I still run the Print Wagon and it has been great, although very cold through winter! I have been featured in The Times, Design Week, People of Print and just had an interview with Steven Heller. I feel like I’m slowly but surely getting somewhere in the creative industry, I just need to keep up the momentum.

Why did you choose the FdA Illustration course instead of BA Illustration when you came to Camberwell?

I chose FdA Illustration because Derek Yates (former course leader) came to my college and gave a lecture on the FdA and it looked amazing. He promised a real work environment with real creative briefs. I also liked the fact that the course was 2 years long and the idea of being industry ready so quickly.


Punch & Judy Lincocut from the Print Wagon

Punch & Judy Lincocut from the Print Wagon

How was the experience of bridging onto the third year of BA Illustration?

The bridging experience was daunting at the time as I really didn’t think I would make the cut – which on reflection gave birth to the Print Wagon. It was an easy transition once I found out I made it though. I think that the crossover between the 2 courses is one of the many amazing things that Camberwell offers. The FdA taught me so much in regards to how to make work but I personally felt I needed a third year to give me ‘creative confidence.’

What have you got planned for the next few months? Do you want to continue with the Print Wagon or further your studies?

It’s going to be a busy couple of months – I am teaching at Southampton University (with my hero Jonny Hannah) then I am teaching in Cardiff and I have a few more universities pending. There’s also a few festivals in the Easter/Summer time that I’m hoping to bring my Print Wagon to. I’m thinking about further studies, however at the moment I am primarily focusing on freelancing and ‘Print Wagoning’.

Aidan (Print Wagon) on tour

Aidan on tour with the Print Wagon

Applications for the FdA Illustration are still open.

For more information on the FdA Illustration course at Camberwell please visit our course pages.

To view more of Aidans work, or to buy any of his prints please visit the Print Wagon website.