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JUST MAKE IT: Kyulx’s Wall Mural at Camberwell

The ramp side wall of the mural
The ramp side wall of the mural
The ramp side wall of the mural
Written by
Jane Cuppage
Published date
26 April 2016

During the Autumn term of 2015 our FdA Graphic Design students were assigned a competition brief to design a wall mural in the new pop up cafe in Camberwell. FdA Graphic Design student Kyle Williams, aka Kyulx, won the brief with his colourful geometric design.

Kyulx painted the mural during the Easter break, completing it in early April. This was Kyulx’s first mural, we asked him some questions about the process. We also have images from start to finish of just how Kyulx made it.

Kyulx and friend standing at the end of the corridor putting the grid for the mural on the right hand side wall

Starting the grid drawing for the mural

This is your first mural, what was it like to go about such a large scale piece?

I spent a large portion of the process going over the gird and making sure it was to scale with the design.

How does it feel to have finished the mural?

It feels amazing! I’m excited to develop my style, maybe wall murals might be my new thing?

Are you happy with it?

There are areas that need improving, but overall I’m happy with the outcome. I get to showcase my work to a large audience and get to see my work every day, that’s cool!

Does it look how you thought it would from your plans?

The colours came out slightly different, but that was expected. Other than that, the design came out great.

Has anything changed drastically from your original brief and design?

There were 28 colours in the original design and a lot more shapes. After discussing the design with friends and tutors I worked on a simplified version; adding a white stroke to the shapes to brighten up the area and the design. Also, I reduced the colours to 11 as I knew they would not work with the budget or time.

What, if any, difficulties did you face while doing the mural?

Circles! circles are the devil, but I have learnt a way to do them now. Also, drawing straight lines was difficult, luckily I had a friend helping with the grid.

Would you do anything differently for another mural?

I would like to see how some type would work mixed into the design, also the shapes themselves; making the shapes more abstract.

Any advice for students who may be considering designing and completing a mural?

When designing the mural just keep thinking of this quote from a person you may know.  “JUST DO IT!” Shia LaBeouf.

A close up image of a white wall with two hands holding a ruler and a pencil to start ruling out the grid for the wall mural

Ruling out the grid

A small sketch or mock up plan on an A4 piece of paper showing one side of the wall mural

The wall mural plan

Kyulx placing green masking tape on to the wall to outline the geometric shapes for the wall mural

Kyulx putting on the masking tape

The left hand side wall in white with green masking tape placed for the geometric shapes

Masked-out geometric shapes

Kyulx begins painting in blue around the green masking tape

The painting begins

One section of the right hand side of the wall. The basic block colours of blue and purple are complete with orange and red rectangles cutting into the main blocks. White circles and a large white rectangle still awaits painting

Almost all the painting is complete

Looking down the corridor with either wall fully painted in blues and purples with geometric shapes cutting into the main blocks in red, yellow, green and orange

The wall mural is complete

The ramp side wall of the mural

The ramp side wall of the mural

The stairs side wall of the mural

The stairs side wall of the mural

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