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Introducing MA Fine Art Digital 2015

Clara Duran_El vapor nace en el silencio_4
Clara Duran_El vapor nace en el silencio_4
© Clara Duran,
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08 July 2015

Between Thursday 16 July 2015 – Wednesday 22 July 2015 our graduating MA Fine Art Digital students will be exhibiting their work as part of the MA Visual Arts Summer Show.

Combining mediums such as painting and photography with digital tools, these students strive to blur the boundaries between traditional and contemporary fine art practice. Here we introduce three of these graduating artists Clara Duran, Sila Guvan and Emily Skinner.

MA Fine Art Digital students visiting alternative galleries in Deptford as part of the 'Low Residency'. Photography by Clara Duran

MA Fine Art Digital students visiting galleries in Deptford as part of the ‘Low Residency’. Photograph taken by Clara Duran

Clara Duran

Clara Duran - Diptych

Clara Duran – Diptych

Degree Show 2015
For my final project I have taken the theme of water as inspiration to talk about the liquid modernity we live on, a fast and fragile society, as Zygmunt Bauman describes it. I also use water as a poetic symbolism, taken from a wider perspective. We are water in a much higher level; it is our connector to the universe, and the memory of our planet carried through our bodies.

Material & Process

The video above documents my creative process. Using photography as the main medium, I push its boundaries, and integrate other media such as painting, poetry and performance. My Course Leader, Jonathan Kearney, encouraged me at every stage of my process looking for different materials and using each media in a different order. He has been key in advancing my practice with both freedom and discipline.

Camberwell Pick

One of my favourite places in Camberwell is Stormbird. Although it’s a pub, that is where the most interesting conversations between myself and fellow students have happened. After a day of work at the college we sometimes go to Stormbird to relax our minds and talk about many topics such as our art practices, politics or philosophy.

Sila Guven

Degree Show 2015
After the Gezi Park Protests in Turkey I started to research the concept of the ‘Tree of Life’ in different cultures. Through this research I came across a Sumerian Myth about the Huluppa Tree from the book Myths of the Sacred Tree by Moyra Caldecott. My exhibition piece consists of three black tree painting installations reflective of this myth, the darkness also represent the deaths of Ismail Korkmaz and Berkin Elvan during the protests at Gezi Park.

This exhibition represents our research and creative progress over the past two years. Each project is a unique experience for me, created and developed in collaboration my tutors and classmates.


MA Fine Art Digital students visiting the Stanley Kubrick archive

MA Fine Art Digital students visiting the Stanley Kubrick archive

My favourite moment on the course was a visit to the Stanley Kubrick archive. Kubrick was known for his incredible depth of research, a great example of which was his preparation for the film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. The archivists showed us a series of his drawings for the film which was a real honour.

Exhibition must see
Between 8 July – 6 September the Soundscapes exhibition is open at the National Gallery in London. ‘Soundscapes’ has commissioned musicians and sound artists to select a painting from the collection and compose a new piece of music or sound art in response. Immersive and site-specific, the experience encourages visitors to ‘hear’ the paintings and ‘see’ the sound.

Emily Skinner

Degree Show 2015

A mixed media painting titled 'Photoshopping' by Emily Skinner

‘Photoshopping’ by Emily Skinner

For my final project I have taken paint as my medium and used it to mimic digital concepts such as the varsity of the internet, the pixels of a digitally generated image, vector graphics and the method of ‘Photoshopping’. My original aim was to take acrylic paint as a medium and explore texture and layering qualities of paint to create digital art. I have loved my experience at Camberwell, the key ideas and techniques that I have learnt from some really talented people have been invaluable. As an online student I have greatly appreciated the support I have had from my class when I am not in the college, curating the show whilst I am away and offering to help me move my work when I arrive.

MA Visual Arts 2015 Pick

Work by Ruby (MA Fine Art Digital student) - Found frames and digital imagery

Work by Ruby (MA Fine Art Digital student) – Found frames and digital imagery

This is an image from one of my classmates Ruby. Taking found frames she adds digital images (some using iPads) to create narratives, piecing image and frame together in a conversation. Her practice takes an interest in ‘ambiguity’ and uses digital tools to try and answer questions related to this idea. I really liked the narrative that was created in this piece. Such a familiar, relatable image makes it very approachable and personal.

Favourite Gallery
My favourite gallery in London is the ‘Dalí Universe’ which used to be located on Southbank, but has now moved to near the London eye. I love this gallery because it isn’t a museum made up of hundreds of different artists it is simply Dali and all his work, work that hasn’t even been published. Walking into there is like walking into the Dali’s head, you walk through a tunnel of strange quotes and thoughts from Dali and enter his imagination. Sculptures, paintings and drawings are everywhere and it is a really great place to go visit for inspiration.

The MA Visual Arts Summer Show is open at Camberwell College of Arts between Thursday 16 July – Wednesday 22 July 2015.

The Private View (everyone welcome) will take place between 6-9 pm on Thursday 16 July 2015.

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