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Introducing FdA Illustration 2015

Ewelina Terczynska (FdA Illustration) – Disappearing London
Ewelina Terczynska (FdA Illustration) – Disappearing London
Ewelina Terczynska (FdA Illustration) – Disappearing London
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11 June 2015

The course is primarily known for its focus on industry and students award winning achievements, which in 2015 have included a Loopdeloop animation prize and D&AD New Blood Pencil award. Accompanying strong print and animation work, students have also been busy creating environmental and sculptural installations for this years show.

Here we introduce a selection of students who will be graduating this year ready to make their way in the creative industries.

McKay Felt (FdA Illustration) - Spread from comic illustrating Digital Surveillance

McKay Felt (FdA Illustration) – Comic sample image ‘Digital Surveillance’

McKay Felt

Instagram: @mckayfelt
Twitter: @McKayFelt 

Degree Show 2015
The work I’ll be exhibiting is based on digital surveillance and data collection. I wanted to do a project based around this as it is so prevalent in everybody’s lives whether they know it or pay attention to it or not. A lot of students, including myself, have been planning on creating environments for the show. It’s going to be a lot more exciting than a few prints hanging on a wall.

Favourite gallery
I don’t think I could tell you which my favourite gallery is. That’s like choosing your favourite child. I love them all for different reasons.

Industry Projects/Awards
I was lucky enough to make connections that stemmed from one of our projects last year. I posted some of my drawings on Twitter and the record label I had designed them for saw them and asked me to keep them updated. Subsequently, Flying Lotus got in touch and I designed posters for one of their Tokyo events and European Tour. Recently I have also designed album art for Knxwledge. All of these dudes have been the most genuine people and I’m still working on stuff with them along with future projects in the pipelines.

Luca Bowles (FdA Illustration) - Illustration of italian gangster

Luca Bowles (FdA Illustration) – Italian Gangsters

Luca Bowles

Instagram: @nocashrevolution
Twitter: @lucabowles

Degree Show 2015
For my final project I researched Italian criminal organizations, and their presence in the UK. I went location drawing around London and at home in Rome, documenting locations that were relevant to my project. For my final piece I made an animation based on an interview I conducted with professor John Dickie of UCL, an expert on Italian organized crime.

Optical illusion sculpture by Laura Fecoli (FdA Illustration) - Photography by Asher Wolf

Laura Fecoli (FdA Illustration) – Photography by Asher Wolf

Luca’s 2015 Pick
I have selected this piece made by my classmate Laura Fecoli. I really like it because in a photograph it looks like an optical illusion, and when it is hanging it spins, resembling someone doing an endless pirouette.

Favourite gallery
My favourite gallery in London is the Wellcome Collection. Their exhibitions always manage to blend social history, science and art in such an effective and fascinating manner.

Luca Bowles – D&AD New Blood Pencil Award winning animation

Industry Projects/Awards
I recently won a D&AD New Blood Pencil award for an animation I entered into a competition set by D&AD and VICE. For this I created a point-of-view animation of a drunkard walking up the stairs into a pub from an underground venue. I rotoscoped the animation, so I took a point-of-view video of myself walking into the pub, and out into the street.

Manjit Thapp (FdA Illustration) - Illustrating Seasonal Affective Disorder

Manjit Thapp (FdA Illustration) – Illustrating Seasonal Affective Disorder

Manjit Thapp

Instagram: @manjitthapp

Degree Show 2015
My final project is a short comic about Seasonal Affective Disorder. My starting point was to explore the similarities between humans and plants. Through my research I decided to illustrate the similarities between sufferers of the disorder and plants during the changing of seasons. I’m planning on having copies of the finished comic to exhibit in the summer show as well as larger prints of selected pages and original drawings.

I’ve been preparing for the Undergraduate Summer Show by working on self-promotional items to hand out. I’m looking forward to when we start building our show because we all have such a wide range of work including animations, 3D work, drawings and comics.

Ewelina Terczynska (FdA Illustration) - Disappearing London - Illustration of Soho

Ewelina Terczynska (FdA Illustration) – Disappearing London

Manjits 2015 Pick
This is Ewelina Terczynska’s work. Her project was based on disappearing London, in particular Soho. I love her use of markers and the textures that the broad strokes create. I also like the balance of dark shadow and negative space.

Recommended Artist
I visited the Yoshitomo Nara exhibition last summer at Dairy Art Centre. I’ve admired Nara’s work for a while now and I loved seeing his large paintings in real life to really appreciate all the finer details and textures. There were also sculptures and a large selection of his drawings on show.

The Camberwell Undergraduate Degree show will be open at the college between Monday 22 June – Saturday 27 June 2015.

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