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Interview with Elise Boevenbrink – FdA Graphic Design Student

5 page booklet Manhattan Mono
5 page booklet Manhattan Mono
Elise Boevenbrink FdA Graphic Design
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10 February 2015

After two years of studying Marketing and Communication in her native Netherlands, Elise joined an exchange program to study Graphic Design for five months at a local university; this experience changed her views about what she wanted to do. Following her instincts, she immersed in her new career path and joined the FdA Graphic Design course at Camberwell College of Arts. Below, Elise talks about her experience and plans for the future.

3 poster Romeo and Julliet

Why did you choose FdA Graphic Design at Camberwell?

I always wanted to leave the area I was living in (Netherlands), and London wasn’t too far away. The FdA course  at Camberwell seemed perfect, because I wanted to work with people from the industry and learn through practice. It was very exciting when I heard that I got in, I packed my bags and moved here.

How has your experience at Camberwell been so far? 

I love Camberwell, it’s not too big and it’s a really inspirational place to be a part of. I never thought I would do so much crafting, but I feel I can’t just sit behind my computer. So, I’ve bound a lot of books by hand, made numerous stencils, tried screen printing and I’m planning on doing some typesetting in the letterpress studio.

I definitely got more accustomed to explaining my ideas and thought process, being critical and showing how best present my work. Last year I even managed to get some appointments to visit some graphic design studios, something I never thought I would have the nerve to do.

5 page booklet Manhattan Mono

What is your practice about?

I always start with setting rules for myself and build from there. I like clean, minimalist design. I strive to make work that will still be relevant in 10 years time and I try not to look too much at current trends. And I hope that I make work that serves a function, but also makes people question things.

Are there any exhibitions you have participated in recently or will be participating?

During the summer holidays my classmates and I organised the first FdA Graphic Design and Illustration exhibition. We called it “What the FdA?!” and made work around those three letters, because no-one seems to understand what FdA stands for. It was hard work, but it was great to see everything in an exhibition space. Right now we’ve  just started organising and fundraising for our end of the year show, which hopefully will be bigger and even more exciting.

4 typeface design for New Shoes Theatre

What are your plans for the future? 

I never planned to transition into the third year of BA Graphic Design. I feel that I learned a lot during the time at the FdA course and I want to put that to practice. I think I’m ready to learn more within the industry. I hope I will find a job at a design studio here in London. Eventually I want to set up my own studio, but not for a few year’s time.

You can view more of Eslise work and contact her here

Applications for the FdA Graphic Design are still open- more information about this course and how to apply here