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INSERT NAME: MA Printmaking student Minami Wrigley

Written by
Jane Cuppage
Published date
12 July 2016

We interviewed MA Printmaking student Minami Wrigley from Seattle, Washington who is part English and part Japanese.

Please describe your art/design practice:

Over the past two years I have been focusing on Fictional Landscapes derived from landscapes of the Pacific Northwest (back from where I grew up in Washington State), based on personal experience and memory while exploring the medium of Etching within Printmaking.

Minami's work on display

Minami’s work on display

What are you currently working on?

These fictional landscapes are constructed by ‘stitching’ together existing landscapes from various trips I have made, while allowing the process of Etching to take over and become a part of the image.

Having to work with various acids and other types of solvents, the making of an image on a metal plate can only be controlled to a certain degree, leaving the rest to chance, forcing you to adjust and work with mistakes and the various marks that are gained or left during the process.

The balance of control and mistakes and new chances that are created out of it, intertwining with the represented landscapes; the effect of process and imagery on each other and relationship between the two is what I explore and represent in my work. When the process of creating something new, the act of re-constructing and re-experiencing an experience from memory, becomes a whole new journey and becomes a re-presentation rather than a representation.

How has studying at Camberwell informed or influenced your art/design practice?

Working in the Printmaking studio at Camberwell over the past two years has allowed me to explore further into the medium of Etching, where I have not only learnt how to work and deal with many new methods but how to deal with problems, mistakes and to make that a part of the practice rather than a fault. It has allowed me to understand the process further more and incorporate it into my practice as a key factor when creating my works.

Camberwell has also allowed me to build a strong relationship with the Printmaking staff and guest artists, playing a great part in building a network for future practices.

'Northfolk' Hardground, aquatint, sugar lift and photo etching. Image size 35.5x13.5cm

‘Northfolk’ Hardground, aquatint, sugar lift and photo etching. Image size 35.5×13.5cm

'Hemlock' Hardground, aquatint, sugar lift and photo etching. Image size 20.2x7.5cm

‘Hemlock’ Hardground, aquatint, sugar lift and photo etching. Image size 20.2×7.5cm

'Blanca' Hardground, aquatint, sugar lift and photo etching. Image size 19.5x6.3cm

‘Blanca’ Hardground, aquatint, sugar lift and photo etching. Image size 19.5×6.3cm

Do you have an artist influence?

There are a number of artists I am fond of, however the strong support and encouragements from staff and visiting artists has had the strongest and most significant effect on influencing both my work and me, allowing it to become what it is now.

What are you future plans?

I have been advised to contact a few other artists and art departments in showcasing my work and hope to be able to promote myself and make more connections through it.

I also aim to do a few outdoor residencies working with new landscapes later on in the future (after a year or two).

I have also been helping with children’s art classes and have just recently been put in charge of running a small Printmaking workshop for teenagers and adults, which I plan to promote more and become a popular and ongoing class.

In the long term, I plan to have a well maintained balance of these two; being a freelance artist and running a workshop. To be able to continue my practice as an active artist as well as help and inspire others in exploring the field of art, as I have been myself over the years by all of those around me.

Can you recommend an exhibition must-see?

Screen-prints by my course peer, Grizelda Kitching at the Postgraduate Summer Show.

It’s almost showtime, how have the preparations and atmosphere been?

The preparations for our Degree Show has both been very stressful as well as a full excitement.
With so much work to do and so little time, there is always stress to deal with. However once you have overcome that wall and seen your work hung in the space with the opening night only days ahead, you are filled with pride and satisfaction, the joys you had of being on the course and the excitement of the opening night!

'Cascade Falls'. Hardground, aquatint, sugar lift, spit bite and photo etching. Image size 48x55cm

‘Cascade Falls’. Hardground, aquatint, sugar lift, spit bite and photo etching. Image size 48x55cm

Do you have any plans for this summer?

I plan to contact others (those recommended by staff and visiting artists) over the summer to keep myself connected and ongoing in the field of Printmaking, as well as print at a family friend’s studio.

And finally, do you have any advice to students looking to start (your course) at Camberwell? 

The MA Printmaking course at Camberwell is one very unique and special experience to go through.
Not only will you have the opportunity to be able to work in such a wonderful facility but the relationships you form with both your peers and staff, and connections you make with other visiting artists is one you can only gain at Camberwell, a very unique one and special one.

I believe out of all courses, Printmaking has the closest knit group where students and staff work together and become close acquaintances and friends, this is only so because of its small size.
I am more than glad that I had the opportunity to spend the last two years on the MA Printmaking course!

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