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INSERT NAME: Foundation Student Emily Baker

Written by
Loula Mercedes
Published date
27 April 2016

First in our series of interviews with Foundation Diploma students is Emily Baker from the Painting pathway.

Emily has just finished setting up her work for the Foundation Diploma Summer Show 2016, she is here to share her picks for the show and tell you why you should not miss this event.

The college looks really busy with students working on the last details of their final work, how have the preparations for the show been for you?

I had such a lovely time preparing for the Foundation Summer Show; a lovely way to round off the year. It is great to see how everyone’s work interacts, whilst still feeling uniquely impressive. The atmosphere of the show feels bold and playful, with copious examples of skilled processes that expand on the medium of paint. I particularly like the colours that flow through the space; uplifting but not garish. It is obvious that a lot of sincere consideration has gone into every bit of it!

Emily Baker - Foundation Student

Work by Foundation student Emily Baker        

What about your piece?

My final piece was borne out of an interest in seeing how emotion and process could meet, hence the project title “Sensitive Systems”. I started by compiling personal artefacts from my past such as old love letters, humorous emails and travel journals to see if any themes emerged that could inform a set of rules or processes. My wooden frames covered with paper bags adorned with acrylic skins are in a way totems of these past experiences. Flecks of the shredded artefacts poke out here and there hinting at different stories and emotions.

I made the acrylic skins by pooling acrylic paint on to plastic sheets and planting bits of shredded letters in them. This was an intuitive process that occurred because I had read an online critique where Nick Moore said something about using “paint as an object”; these skins allowed me to use paint in this way. The most time consuming, yet rewarding, process was making the frames in the workshop and I am so happy with the outcome. Ash taught me so much about making my own canvases; a skill I know will help me throughout my artistic career!

Do you have any artist influence that inspired your work?

At the beginning of the painting pathway David, our path leader, introduced us to Vincent Hawkins and he is always at the back of my mind. His intimate use of colour and form are so simple yet so visceral. It is this balance that I constantly seek for my own work.

Work by Vincent Hawkins

Work by Vincent Hawkins

Who’s work would you advise us not to miss from the Foundation Summer Show?

I think it would be Algernon Mitchell’s work because he took me by surprise with his huge, otherworldly final piece. Throughout the year he worked on quite small pieces so it is impressive to me how he has taken such a leap. I also like how Algie uses different processes to create works that seems both organic and digital.

Algernon Mitchell

Work by Foundation student Algernon Mitchell

And finally, any plans for the break between finishing Foundation and your next steps?

Over the summer I am going to Lisbon with my best friend with a specific focus on hunting down the art scene there. I may also be going to Italy! I really want to sustain my art practice over the summer so aim to set myself projects, which I will enjoy doing. I also have potential plans to visit the refugee camps in Calais to help my friend teach art classes there.

Don’t miss Emily’s work at the Foundation Diploma Summer Show 2016 exhibition from 9 -13 May 2016.

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