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INSERT NAME: BA Photography Student Giorgia Castiglioni

Giorgia Castiglioni BA Photography
Giorgia Castiglioni BA Photography

Written by
Loula Mercedes
Published date
24 June 2016

Italian born, Giorgia Catiglioni is one of three BA Photography students who received the Camberwell BA Photography Technical Achievement Award 2016 this week. Giorgia describes her practice as an examination of everyday life nuances within society and the culture that surrounds her:”Often blurring the boundaries between the real and the imitation, my work translates emotions and issues into acoustic and visual experiences that aim to trigger the viewer’s thought and reflection onto the self”. Below, we’ve asked Giorgia about her recent work and  her plans after graduation.  

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on different technologies that permeate our lives and that cleverly engage with our minds. At the degree show I am showing three video pieces that use the techniques used by main stream cinema, television or the Internet, trying to produce something different. I also see humour on the surface of them, and I am hoping the viewer will enjoy it and then dig deeper.

Work by Giorgia Castiglioni

Work by Giorgia Castiglioni

Work by Giorgia Castiglioni

Work by Giorgia Castiglioni

Work by Giorgia Castiglioni

Work by Giorgia Castiglioni

How has studying at Camberwell informed your art practice?

My practice was mostly informed by the stimulating community of Camberwell. Everyday conversations with the people that surrounded me have been essential to the development of my ideas. Some very capable tutors made me work on self reflection and bring some of my strengths to the surface. My course also helped me experiment with different media and techniques, in order to find the ones which best fit the ideas in my mind.

Do you have an artist influence?

Many. David Clearbout, James Coleman, Marc Wallinger, Marc Lewis… they all work with the medium of video exploiting its own nature to create some, I would say, ‘tensions’. David Shringley and his light humour (in an interview he said he doesn’t mean to produce humour, which I find makes it even more interesting).

Any plans for after graduation?

I definitely need to rest my mind for a couple of weeks. In terms of projects, I am planning to work on a video I have been commissioned to film by an artist in Sicily, however the project is still at an early stage therefore I still cannot say much about it. I am also planning to make a sculpture out of used teabags that I have been collecting during the year from the Camberwell pop up cafe. I would like to find a job as studio assistant and get a studio to share with some peers. I am also planning to apply for an MA at the end of the year.

Finally, do you have any advice to students looking to start at Camberwell?
Take every lecture, workshop or conversation as a great opportunity, and not as an obligation to get a good grade. It’s about your practice and your persona and not about the grades.

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