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IN THE KNOW: Top tips from Camberwell’s Graduates

Peckham mural
Peckham mural
Wall mural in Peckham, photo by Loula Mercedes
Written by
Jane Cuppage
Published date
14 October 2016

Over the past few weeks Camberwell has welcomed new and returning students back through its doors for the start of the Autumn Term.

To kick off the new term, we have gathered advice from alumni and recent graduates about how the get the most out of college this year, while our Foundation students recommend the local places that make them excited to be studying at Camberwell.

The 2016 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design students tell us their favourite places in Camberwell and Peckham:

Foundation Building, 1 Wilson Road

Foundation Building, 1 Wilson Road

“My favourite place in Camberwell is probably the art shop (Cowling & Wilcox), it is very big and always had everything I needed. Everytime I went through its’ doors I excitedly thought to myself I am starting a new project!’’ – Charlotte Maggs

“My favourite place has to be Frank’s in Peckham, a rooftop bar, where everyone loves to go to because of its’ stunning views. You can enjoy a nice drink, whilst looking out across London’s iconic cityscape and watch the sun go down. At the top of Frank’s, it feels like you can see the whole of London. It made me so happy to be doing my Foundation in such an amazing place.” – Lucy Gatenby

Sun setting over London cityscape - view from Frank's Rooftop bar

Sun setting over London cityscape – view from Frank’s Rooftop bar

“I really like Peckham Pelican because they have good cocktails and board games. They also have lots of events like workshops and talks.” – Emily Baker

“The Tiger pub in Camberwell has been my favourite place to meet up with friends throughout the year. It has a great cider, great food and great music (with DJs on the weekend!)” – Iris Mathieson

“My favourite place in Camberwell is definitely the Daily Goods café on Church Street. I went there on my lunch breaks and sometimes on my way to college, when I needed that caffeine shot to start my day. Their filtered coffee meets my personal Brazilian standards, and their cosy atmosphere creates a perfect place to let your creativity flow.” – Rafael Zugliani

Daily Goods café in Camberwell

Daily Goods café in Camberwell

“Theo’s Pizzeria is a favourite of mine and is where I often take my family when they come to visit. The pizzas are fresh and tasty, and the atmosphere is always buzzing” – Jessica Timbs

“Maloko is great. They do the best crepes in the world! The people there are so nice too.” – Niayesh Fekri

Crepes being made in Maloko

Crepes being made in Maloko

Some advice from our Undergraduate Fine Art and Design alumni and recent graduates:

Camberwell College of Arts Undergraduate and Postgraduate building

Camberwell College of Arts, 45-65 Peckham Road

“I would advise students to spend as much time as they can in the studio experimenting and to use the facilities. Be curious and try new things, start building your practice, and develop discussions around yours and other’s work.” – BA Photography alumna Lea Collet

“The single most important thing you can do is take part in as much as possible – I don’t mean just workshops either, some of the most valuable skills I’ve picked up over the last year have been from taking small leadership roles or volunteering to take on larger projects etc. Aside from that, just make sure you stay true to your practice, don’t let other people’s expectations define your work, make what you want to make, what interests you and you’ll be far happier and excited to go to university everyday.” – BA Illustration graduate Jackson Mann

Photography facilities at Camberwell

Darkroom facilities at Camberwell

“Be enthusiastic with all the projects, even if the brief is initially unrelated to your interests. If you’re working on a group project come up with a really good idea in the first 24 hours and people will go for it.” –  BA Graphic Design graduate Maisie Robinson

“Enjoy yourself, get to know the workshops, make first and think later, buy overalls (don’t wear nice clothes), come in as often as you can, don’t panic, be enthusiastic and keep an open mind, and go to the pub every Tuesday at the Hermit’s Cave in Camberwell!” – BA Sculpture graduate Josh Philpott

The Hermits Cave in Camberwell

The Hermits Cave in Camberwell

“Make the most of every moment; go to every tutorial, talk and lecture offered to you and use every workshop and facility on offer. Even if you don’t think something will relate to your practice, do it anyway as you might stumble upon something of great significance to you. The opportunity to have such easy access to great facilities and to be taught by specialists is such a fantastic experience. Bare in mind that after you graduate it is not that easy to find the expertise, time or money all under one roof and so freely available. And finally, just have fun making and creating in a studio space five days a week!” – BA Painting alumna May Hands

“It’s a privilege to be in an university environment and not everyone gets to be in your shoes. Listen to what your tutors have to say, you don’t have to agree with everything they think, but they nearly always know more than you do.” – BA Illustration graduate Mike Roden

Screen printing facilities at Camberwell, part of the Printmaking Workshops

Screen printing facilities at Camberwell, part of the Printmaking Workshops

“My advice to others is to keep at it, allow yourself plenty of doing and thinking time and try out as many permutations of ideas that you have. Get as many crits and tutorials as you can, listen to others, and if you’re not enjoying it you’re not doing it right.” – BA Sculpture graduate Andrew Graves Johnston

“Take advantage of the workshops and make friends with the security staff. The Bakewell tarts are the best thing in the canteen and make regular trips to Peckham Weatherspoons!” – BA Illustration graduate Ellie Butters

Letterpress facilities at Camberwell, located in the basement

Letterpress facilities at Camberwell, located in the basement

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