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IN THE KNOW: MA Fine Art Digital graduate Zabou


Written by
Jane Cuppage
Published date
01 March 2016

Saatchi Gallery is currently hosting ‘XX: A Moment in Time’, a show that features female street and graffiti artists from around the globe. The exhibition runs until March the 6th.

Zabou, a graduate of MA Fine Art Digital was invited to paint a mural inside the Saatchi Store. The piece is entitled IN ART WE TRUST and is visible at all times when the gallery is open.

(s)Pray - Gold is a spray painted piece by street art talent Zabou. This piece is of a young girl who is painted in grey, black and white. She looks directly out at you, a respiratory protective equipment mask on her face. She holds her hands as if in prayer while holding a spray paint can. There are blobs of coloured paint across her, her clothes and her hair. Her head has a golden circle behind it, appearing as a halo.

(s)Pray – Gold by Zabou, limited edition prints are available in Saatchi Store.

Zabou is an exciting street art talent who, since bursting onto the scene in 2012 has been gaining a growing reputation for her sharp stencil based art. Originally from France but based in London, her work can be found all over the East End, one of the world’s top places to see high quality street art.

Her work is striking; her images are a mixture of stencil and freehand technique, combining both sharp lines and soft shades. She plays on stereotypes and pokes fun at conformity, from spray painting nuns to satirical takes on the surveillance state.

'IN ART WE TRUST' is a spray painted piece by street art talent Zabou who stands next to her work in this image. The piece in Saatchi Store is of a young person with a bandanna covering their mouth, at the bottom is a banner saying "IN ART WE TRUST". The young person's arms are crossed over their chest, in one hand is a spray paint can, in the other is a paintbrush. The image is mostly grey, black and white except for blobs of paint scattered across the image. The young person has a yellow circle behind their head which looks like a halo, lines of orange, purple, blue and pink radiate out from this yellow circle.

Zabou stands with her piece, IN ART WE TRUST at Saatchi Store

Her work has steadily been gaining a reputation with invites to take part in shows, and to paint, coming from all around Europe. It’s a reputation which has also led to her gaining the attention of thought leading speech organisation TED where she gave presented her views on the benefits of street art in aiding community regeneration.

Limited edition hand finished screen prints of (s)Pray – Gold are available for the duration of the show in Saatchi Store.

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