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CAMBERWELL CAMEO: MA Printmaking Student Grizelda Kitching

Barbara Extract feature image
Barbara Extract feature image
‘Barbara Extract’ screen print by Grizelda Kitchling
Written by
Jane Cuppage
Published date
14 July 2016

Today Camberwell’s Postgraduate Summer Show opens at 1 Wilson Road with the Private View beginning at 18:00. MA Visual Arts: Printmaking student Grizelda Kitching took over our blog to tell us about her work.

Grizelda Kitching has just completed an MA in Visual Arts: Printmaking at Camberwell.  A printmaker and surface pattern designer based in Peckham. She aims to utilise both traditional and contemporary processes such as screen printing, mono print, painting and collage alongside digital form.

The delicate use of digital input ensures the original hand-rendered, textural qualities and use of colour remain the focal point of her designs. Currently her focus is on painterly, bright and gestural large scale designs that have the potential to act as wallpaper drops and panels.

'Barbara' 2016 Screen print by Grizelda Kitchling

‘Barbara’ 2016 Screen print by Grizelda Kitching

'The Botanical Series’ - ‘Barbican Botanic, extract’ 2016 Screen print by Grizelda Kitchling

‘The Botanical Series’ – ‘Barbican Botanic, extract’ 2016 Screen print by Grizelda Kitching

Throughout her masters study she has attempted to heighten the viewer’s visual awareness. Aiming for the observer to notice attention to detail and enjoy aspects they would not have previously acknowledged due to an automated familiarity.

Grizelda’s practice primarily involves paper based printmaking process led work. Typically using photography to capture images as a starting point, then develop a response to the original imagery through colour and mark making mostly through screen-print. The development continues through disruption and distortion and change of scale. Through the use of mono screen-print developing an abstract, sometimes spontaneous mark.

'Pamela' screen print by Grizelda Kitchling

‘Pamela’ screen print by Grizelda Kitching

'Pamela' extract, 2016 Screen print by Grizelda Kitchling

‘Pamela’ extract, 2016 screen print by Grizelda Kitching

To produce her final outcome pieces Grizelda isolates fragments of the original screen printed imagery by extracting the mono printed Impasto textures. These fragments develop into floating isolated forms with a focus on fluidity and movement. The outcomes are Giclee Printed at a large scale (A0+). The large scale meaning the negative space becomes just as impactful as the almost sculptural fragment forms themselves.

Screen Print 'Wilderness' 2016

Screen print ‘Wilderness’ 2016 by Grizelda Kitching

Grizelda recently won an Arts Thread competition to have her work showcased at The WGSN Future Awards in London.

‘Botanical Series’ involves a selection of originally screen printed images, with added mono print abstract mark making – a response to her original botanical photography

Grizelda’s work will be exhibited at The Postgraduate Summer Show starting with Private View 14 July and continuing on 15 -20  July 2016 at the CCW Progression Centre, 1 Wilson Road, SE5 8LU, London.

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