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Behind the Brushstroke Postgraduate Community workshop

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26 March 2015
Group of Postgraduate Community students observing the calligraphy workshop

Behind the Brushstroke Postgraduate Community Workshop

The opening week of Behind the Brushstroke at Camberwell Space saw great crowds at the Private View and the two events that complemented the exhibition.

One of these events was an exceptional workshop that invited students from UAL’s Postgraduate Community to join Japanese artist Houran Yokoyama, and learn more about his unique style of calligraphy.  Each student was asked to choose a word that was significant to them.  Houran then showed them how to paint the character, with the student then painting it themselves.

The exhibition, curated by artist Masahiro Suda (Professor of Fine Art at Nagoya University, Japan), explores contemporary approaches to the brushstroke, incorporating painting, calligraphy and performance and features work by Masahiro Suda, Houran Yokoyama, Masaki Yada and Andrzej Zielinski.

A female MA student practicing the hand and body movement of a calligraphy word next to Japanese artist Houran Yokoyama

Behind the Brushstroke Postgraduate Community Workshop

Speaking about this experience MA Book Arts student Sandhya Kaffo (pictured above) said:

“There’s something about a brushstroke that resonates with me and I can never explain what it is but at the same time I don’t feel I need to know any whys or whats to appreciate it.

I love the finality of the stroke. There was no going back once the brush kissed the paper.

The body had no choice but to move in sync with the brush and that in itself was exciting and the uncanny rush of energy at the end of it was totally unexpected. Being taught by a Master Calligrapher was indeed a bonus and quoting Houran, ” you only have one chance at it, just like life”. I think I’ll forever remember that in every aspect of my own practice.”

Japanese artist Houran Yokoyama paints a calligraphy word using a big brush, yellow paint on a big white piece of paper placed on the floor

Behind the Brushstroke Postgraduate Community Workshop

Have you visited this exhibition? please tell us what you think in the comment box below.

The exhibition at Camberwell Space runs until 10 April 2015, open Monday – Friday 10:00 – 17:00 (except Easter weekend)

The gallery will also host the launch of Issue 2 of the CCW Graduate School Journal Bright Light: Thinking the Substrate from 5 – 7pm on Friday 27th March. RSVP to

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