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BA Interior and Spatial Design students to exhibit at Wimbledon Space

windows image_small
windows image_small
Image by Dominic Campbell.
Written by
Sarah McLean
Published date
11 January 2019

What is a window? This is the question that first year BA Interior and Spatial Design students were asked in autumn 2018. After a term-long project that dovetailed research and practice, their findings will be exhibited in March at Wimbledon Space, the public gallery at Wimbledon College of Arts.

“When starting the course, many of our new students find themselves in London, or even the UK, for the first time” explains Shibboleth Shechter, the first year coordinator for BA Interior and Spatial Design. “The term 1 studio project offers a window to metaphorically and physically locate themselves in the city, the college, and in the trajectory of their own research and design practice.”

Image by Xinyu Ma.

Image by Xinyu Ma.

Beginning with observational measuring and drawing of windows around the college site, students progress to choosing and researching a window elsewhere in London, making their own window models and creating new hybrid spaces by combining them. “The process of making the work to be exhibited at Wimbledon has been inextricably linked to the students’ personal experiences in London and the background and culture they bring with them when they arrive.”

The BA Interior and Spatial Design course, which will be taught at Camberwell from autumn 2019, is focussed on ‘live’ projects, where students take their research and practice out of the institutional context and into the professional world. Previous projects have included collaborations with Tate Modern for Tate Exchange workshops, a partnership with the Mexican Embassy in the UK for a Day of the Dead celebration, and working closely with the Design Museum, the Royal Horticultural Society and the Victoria and Albert museum, to name a few.

Image by Nerutcha Whitington.

Image by Nerutcha Whitington.

This exhibition is the latest in a series of shows that respond to Wimbledon Space’s current theme of  Portals. Members of the public will get an insight into the research process that BA Interior and Spatial Design students undertake and the creative design solutions that they produce – whether that be a scale model, a short film or a site-specific intervention. Visit the exhibition to see more.

Windows runs at Wimbledon Space from 13 – 29 March with the private view taking place on 14 March, 5 – 8pm. Visit the event page for more information.

Second year BA Interior and Spatial Design students are running Space Moves, a Tate Exchange workshop, on 22 – 24 January.

Visit the Tate event page to find out more about how to attend.

For further details about BA Interior and Spatial Design, visit the course page.