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2015 Foundation Summer Show Preview

Joshua Von Uexkull – Painting Pathway
Joshua Von Uexkull – Painting Pathway
Joshua Von Uexkull – Painting Pathway
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08 May 2015

On Monday 11 May 2015 the Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Foundation Summer Show opens.

With the opening date fast approaching, this post sees Foundation students present a sneak preview of their own work and their favourite pieces from fellow students in this year’s show.

Large scale textured painting by Rachel Harrington - Foundation (Painting Student)

Matt Feldman – Painting

Joshua Von Uexkull – Painting 

‘For my final project I studied the movement of the viewer’s eye in a painting. My final pieces are attempts at bringing the physicality and simplicity of Chinese Zen painting onto canvas, paintings that exist both as depictions and simply the brushstrokes they consist of.’

‘This is a sculpture made by fellow painting student Kin Ting Li, it is essentially a deconstruction of three-dimensional space. Kin Ting Li is excellent at pushing his installations. They instantly suggest an advanced conceptual understanding but also exist as austere, architectural objects in their own right.’

Photograph of Kin Ting Li Sculpture - a deconstruction of 3-dimensional space.

Kin Ting Li – Painting

Marta Raimundo – Illustration

‘My pick for this year would be Jack Laurence’s work. As the show came along he surprised everyone not only with what he wanted to do but also with how he actually did it. Not only he is an amazing sculptor/maker but also a great painter. His project titled ‘Painting with Metal and an IPhone’ was one of the pieces that has caught my attention and will probably catch everyone else’s too.’

Metal portrait sculpture by Jack Lawrence - large scale metal sculpture of half of face

Jack Laurence – ‘Painting with Metal and an IPhone’

Portrait painting of man in shirt by Jack Laurence

Jack Laurence – ‘Painting with Metal and an IPhone’

Embroidered lab coat produced by Sculpture Pathway student Georgia Ward Dyer.

Georgia Ward Dyer – Sculpture

Georgia Ward Dyer – Sculpture

‘My final project is a collaboration with a scientist – it is an embroidery piece that I worked on in the Reading Room at the Wellcome Collection, inviting discussion with numerous visitors and museum staff. It was the result of a proposal which set out to explore how scientists communicate (to each other and to a non-scientific public), but to also explore what their lived experience is. From the outset of this project I had been very aware of the parallels between artists and scientists. Conversations with my peers and tutors – particularly my personal tutor Camilla Lyon – were seminal in the development of these ideas.’

Perspex knife drawing by Iona Mitchell - upturned piece of Perspex which architectural drawing etched into the plate

Iona Mitchell – Drawing

Iona Mitchell – Drawing 

‘My final piece arose from my curiosity with the psycho-geography and history of the docklands area of east London. I became interested in that stillness that descends during off-hours. My work was trying to reflect the nature of a space without people. My work often involves drawing on unconventional surfaces, although this term I have pushed myself to experiment with other media such as film.’

‘Everyone has worked really hard and made some really amazing artwork. For most of the year I have been sitting next to Bo Liu and his work ethic has been really inspiring, almost every day he has shown up in the studio with new experiments fresh from the 3D workshop. His final work is a particularly lovely sculpture across three plinths, in which he has created some miniature eco-systems.’

Sculpture by Foundation student Bo Liu - containing minature eco system

Sculpture by Bo Liu

The Foundation Diploma in Art and Design Summer Show is open between Monday 11 May – Friday 15 May 2015.

Full details can be found on the following events page:

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design course page: